Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: super-resolution

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Video super-resolution reconstruction based on deep convolutional neural network and spatio-temporal similarity  L Linghui, D Junping, L Meiyu, R Nan, F Dan
2017   Super-Resolution via Deep Learning  K Hayat
2017   Single image super-resolution via self-similarity and low-rank matrix recovery  H Wang, J Li, Z Dong
2017   A Two-channel Convolutional Neural Network for Image Super-Resolution  S Li, R Fan, G Lei, G Yue, C Hou
2017   GUN: Gradual Upsampling Network for single image super-resolution  Y Zhao, R Wang, W Dong, W Jia, J Yang, X Liu, W Gao
2017   Dual Recovery Network with Online Compensation for Image Super-Resolution  S Xia, W Yang, T Zhao, J Liu
2017   Fast and Accurate Image Super-Resolution with Deep Laplacian Pyramid Networks  WS Lai, JB Huang, N Ahuja, MH Yang
2017   Deep Learning Based Image Super-resolution for Nonlinear Lens Distortions  Q Chang, KW Hung, J Jiang
2017   Method And System For Reconstructing Super-Resolution Image  Z Shao, L Wang, Z Wang, J Cai 
2017   A New Single Image Super-resolution Method Based on the Infinite Mixture Model  P Cheng, Y Qiu, X Wang, K Zhao
2017   Sharp and Real Image Super-Resolution Using Generative Adversarial Network  D Zhang, J Shao, G Hu, L Gao 
2017   A novel convolutional neural network architecture for image super-resolution based on channels combination  C Liu, Y Li, J Luo, Y Zhou
2017   Super-Resolution Imaging of Mammograms Based on the Super-Resolution Convolutional Neural Network  K Umehara, J Ota, T Ishida 
2017   Deep wavelet prediction for image super-resolution  T Guo, HS Mousavi, TH Vu, V Monga
2017   Deep learning for subsurface penetrating super-resolution imaging  Y Zhang, Z Xiao, L Wu, X Lu, Y Wang 
2017   Bayesian Image Quality Transfer with CNNs: Exploring Uncertainty in dMRI Super-Resolution  R Tanno, DE Worrall, A Ghosh, E Kaden
2017   Exploring Deep Learning Image Super-Resolution for Iris Recognition  E Ribeiro, A Uhl, F Alonso
2017   Image quality assessment for determining efficacy and limitations of Super-Resolution Convolutional Neural Network (SRCNN)  CM Ward, J Harguess, B Crabb, S Parameswaran
2017   Single Image Super-Resolution with Dilated Convolution based Multi-Scale Information Learning Inception Module  W Shi, F Jiang, D Zhao
2017   Face Video Super-Resolution with Identity Guided Generative Adversarial Networks  D Li, Z Wang 
2017   Single Image Super-Resolution Using a Deep Encoder-Decoder Symmetrical Network with Iterative Back Projection  H Liu, J Han, S Hou, L Shao, Y Ruan 
2017   Single Image Super-Resolution for MRI Using a Coarse-to-Fine Network  J Liu, F Chen, H Shi, H Liao 
2017   Deep multi-frame face super-resolution  E Ustinova, V Lempitsky
2017   Underwater Image Super-resolution by Descattering and Fusion  H Lu, Y Li, S Nakashima, H Kim, S Serikawa
2017   A Novel Multi-Frame Color Images Super-Resolution Framework based on Deep Convolutional Neural Network  Z Li, S Li, JWH Wang
2017   Single Image Super-Resolution with a Parameter Economic Residual-Like Convolutional Neural Network  Z Yang, K Zhang, Y Liang, J Wang
2017   FAST: A Framework to Accelerate Super-Resolution Processing on Compressed Videos  Z Zhang, V Sze
2017   Fast and accurate image super-resolution using a combined loss  J Xu, Y Zhao, Y Dong, H Bai
2017   Loss-Specific Training of Random Forests for Super-Resolution  A Grabner, G Poier, M Opitz, S Schulter, PM Roth
2017   Learning Reduced-Resolution and Super-Resolution Networks in Synch  B Cai, X Xu, K Guo, K Jia, D Tao 
2017   Super-Resolution for Overhead Imagery Using DenseNets and Adversarial Learning  M Bosch, CM Gifford, PA Rodriguez 
2017   Training-Free, Single-Image Super-Resolution Using a Dynamic Convolutional Network  A Bhowmik, S Shit, CS Seelamantula
2017   Learning a Single Convolutional Super-Resolution Network for Multiple Degradations  K Zhang, W Zuo, L Zhang 
2017   " Zero-Shot" Super-Resolution using Deep Internal Learning  A Shocher, N Cohen, M Irani 
2017   Deep Convolutional Networks-Based Image Super-Resolution  G Lin, Q Wu, X Huang, L Qiu, X Chen
2017   Performance Evaluation of Super-Resolution Methods Using Deep-Learning and Sparse-Coding for Improving the Image Quality of Magnified Images in Chest …  K Umehara, J Ota, N Ishimaru, S Ohno, K Okamoto
2017   Super-Resolution Reconstruction of Plane-Wave Ultrasound Imaging Based on the Improved CNN Method  Z Zhou, Y Wang, J Yu, W Guo, Z Fang 
2017   Deep Laplacian Pyramid Networks for Fast and Accurate Super-Resolution  WS Lai, JB Huang, N Ahuja, MH Yang
2017   Single Image Super-Resolution via Adaptive Transform-Based Nonlocal Self-Similarity Modeling and Learning-Based Gradient Regularization  H Chen, X He, L Qing, Q Teng
2017   Ensemble Based Deep Networks for Image Super-Resolution  Z Huang, L Wang, Y Gong, C Pan
2017   A deep convolutional neural network with selection units for super-resolution  JS Choi, M Kim
2017   Deep convolutional networks super-resolution method for reconstructing high frequency information of the single image  M Zhao, C Cheng, Z Zhang, X Hao
2017   Image inpainting and super-resolution using non-local recursive deep convolutional network with skip connections  M Liu
2017   nImage Super-Resolution Using a Dilated Convolutional Neural Network  G Lin, Q Wu, L Qiu, X Huang
2017   Super-resolution Using Constrained Deep Texture Synthesis  L Sun, J Hays
2017   Video Super-Resolution via Bidirectional Recurrent Convolutional Networks.  Y Huang, W Wang, L Wang
2017   Face Super-Resolution Through Wasserstein GANs  Z Chen, Y Tong
2017   End-to-End Learning of Video Super-Resolution with Motion Compensation  O Makansi, E Ilg, T Brox
2017   Filtered Mapping Based Method for Compressed Web Image Super-Resolution  Y Zhao, W Jia, L Li, L Cao, X Liu
2017   Deep CNN-based Super-Resolution Using External and Internal Examples  JY Cheong, IK Park
2017   Deep Learning for Isotropic Super-Resolution from Non-Isotropic 3D Electron Microscopy  L Heinrich, JA Bogovic, S Saalfeld
2017   Single Image Super-Resolution Using Multi-Scale Convolutional Neural Network  X Jia, X Xu, B Cai, K Guo
2017   Hyperspectral image super-resolution using deep convolutional neural network  Y Li, J Hu, X Zhao, W Xie, JJ Li
2017   Simultaneously Color-Depth Super-Resolution with Conditional Generative Adversarial Network  L Zhao, J Liang, H Bai, A Wang, Y Zhao
2017   DLML: Deep linear mappings learning for face super-resolution with nonlocal-patch  T Lu, L Pan, J Jiangs, Y Zhang, Z Xiong
2016   Research on the Natural Image Super-Resolution Reconstruction Algorithm based on Compressive Perception Theory and Deep Learning Model  G Duan, W Hu, J Wang
2016   Image super-resolution with multi-channel convolutional neural networks  Y Kato, S Ohtani, N Kuroki, T Hirose, M Numa
2016   Image super-resolution reconstruction via RBM-based joint dictionary learning and sparse representation  Z Zhang, A Liu, Q Lei
2016   Super-resolution via a fast deconvolution with kernel estimation  H Yu, TZ Huang, LJ Deng, XL Zhao
2016   Accelerating the Super-Resolution Convolutional Neural Network  C Dong, CC Loy, X Tang
2016   End-to-End Image Super-Resolution via Deep and Shallow Convolutional Networks  Y Wang, L Wang, H Wang, P Li
2016   GPU accelerated high-quality video/image super-resolution  Z Zhao, L Song, R Xie, X Yang
2016   ATGV-Net: Accurate Depth Super-Resolution  G Riegler, M Rüther, H Bischof
2016   A Deep Primal-Dual Network for Guided Depth Super-Resolution  G Riegler, D Ferstl, M Rüther, H Bischof
2016   Single image super-resolution using regularization of non-local steering kernel regression  K Zhang, X Gao, J Li, H Xia
2016   Single image super-resolution via blind blurring estimation and anchored space mapping  X Zhao, Y Wu, J Tian, H Zhang
2016   Super-resolution of medical image using representation learning  X Yang, S Zhant, C Hu, Z Liang, D Xie
2016   Robust Single Image Super-Resolution via Deep Networks with Sparse Prior.  D Liu, Z Wang, B Wen, J Yang, W Han, T Huang
2016   A Versatile Sparse Representation Based Post-Processing Method for Improving Image Super-Resolution  J Yang, J Guo, H Chao
2016   Real-Time Single Image and Video Super-Resolution Using an Efficient Sub-Pixel Convolutional Neural Network  W Shi, J Caballero, F Huszar, J Totz, AP Aitken
2016   Deep Depth Super-Resolution: Learning Depth Super-Resolution using Deep Convolutional Neural Network  X Song, Y Dai, X Qin
2016   EnhanceNet: Single Image Super-Resolution through Automated Texture Synthesis  MSM Sajjadi, B Schölkopf, M Hirsch
2016   Video Super-Resolution via Convolution Neural Network  TH Wei, JC Chen
2016   Depth Map Super-Resolution by Deep Multi-Scale Guidance  TW Hui, CC Loy, X Tang
2016   Texture Enhancement via High-Resolution Style Transfer for Single-Image Super-Resolution  IJ Ahn, WH Nam
2016   Texture enhancement for Improving single-image super-resolution performance  SB Yoo, K Choi, YW Jeon, JB Ra
2016   Is Image Super-resolution Helpful for Other Vision Tasks?  D Dai, Y Wang, Y Chen, L Van Gool
2016   A phase congruency based patch evaluator for complexity reduction in Multi-dictionary based single-image super-resolution  Y Zhou, S Kwong, W Gao, X Wang
2016   Cluster-Based Image Super-resolution via Jointly Low-rank and Sparse Representation  N Han, Z Song, Y Li
2016   Photo-Realistic Single Image Super-Resolution Using a Generative Adversarial Network  C Ledig, L Theis, F Huszar, J Caballero, A Aitken
2016   Deep Learning for Ocean Remote Sensing: An Application of Convolutional Neural Networks for Super-Resolution on Satellite-Derived SST Data  A Ducournau, R Fablet
2016   Image super-resolution using non-local Gaussian process regression  H Wang, X Gao, K Zhang, J Li
2016   A hybrid wavelet convolution network with sparse-coding for image super-resolution  X Gao, H Xiong
2016   Video Super-Resolution with Convolutional Neural Networks  A Kappeler, S Yoo, Q Dai, AK Katsaggelos
2016   Blind Super-Resolution with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  C Peyrard, M Baccouche, C Garcia
2016   Amortised MAP Inference for Image Super-resolution  CK Sønderby, J Caballero, L Theis, W Shi, F Huszár
2016   X-Ray fluorescence image super-resolution using dictionary learning  Q Dai, E Pouyet, O Cossairt, M Walton, F Casadio
2016   Image super-resolution based on convolution neural networks using multi-channel input  GY Youm, SH Bae, M Kim
2016   Deep Edge Guided Recurrent Residual Learning for Image Super-Resolution  W Yang, J Feng, J Yang, F Zhao, J Liu, Z Guo, S Yan
2016   Image Super-Resolution by PSOSEN of Local Receptive Fields Based Extreme Learning Machine  Y Song, B He, Y Shen, R Nian, T Yan
2016   Regressor basis learning for anchored super-resolution  E Agustsson, R Timofte, L Van Gool
2016   Incorporating Image Priors with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Image Super-Resolution  Y Liang, J Wang, S Zhou, Y Gong, N Zheng
2015   Single Image Super-Resolution Via Bm3D Sparse Coding  K Egiazarian, V Katkovnik
2015   Learning a Deep Convolutional Network for Light-Field Image Super-Resolution  Y Yoon, HG Jeon, D Yoo, JY Lee, I Kweon
2015   Video super-resolution reconstruction based on correlation learning and spatio-temporal nonlocal similarity  M Liang, J Du, L Li
2015   Accelerating Super-Resolution for 4K Upscaling  E Perez
2015   Single Image Super-Resolution via Image Smoothing  Z Liu, Q Huang, J Li, Q Wang
2015   Simple, Accurate, and Robust Nonparametric Blind Super-Resolution  WZ Shao, M Elad
2015   Deeply Improved Sparse Coding for Image Super-Resolution  Z Wang, D Liu, J Yang, W Han, T Huang
2015   Conditioned Regression Models for Non-Blind Single Image Super-Resolution  GRSSM Rüther, H Bischof
2015   How Useful Is Image Super-resolution to Other Vision Tasks?  D Dai, Y Wang, Y Chen, L Van Gool
2015   Learning Hierarchical Decision Trees for Single Image Super-Resolution  JJ Huang, WC Siu
2015   Single image super-resolution by approximated Heaviside functions  LJ Deng, W Guo, TZ Huang
2015   Jointly Optimized Regressors for Image Super-resolution  D Dai, R Timofte, L Van Gool
2015   Single Image Super-Resolution via Internal Gradient Similarity  Y Xian, Y Tian
2015   Image Super-Resolution Using Deep Convolutional Networks  C Dong, CC Loy, K He, X Tang
2015   Coupled Deep Autoencoder for Single Image Super-Resolution  K Zeng, J Yu, R Wang, C Li, D Tao
2015   Super-resolution of facial images in forensics scenarios  J Satiro, K Nasrollahi, PL Correia, TB Moeslund
2015   Single Image Super-Resolution Using Maximizing Self-Similarity Prior  J Li, Y Wu, X Luo
2015   Accurate Image Super-Resolution Using Very Deep Convolutional Networks  J Kim, JK Lee, KM Lee
2015   Deeply-Recursive Convolutional Network for Image Super-Resolution  J Kim, JK Lee, KM Lee
2015   Bidirectional Recurrent Convolutional Networks for Multi-Frame Super-Resolution  Y Huang, W Wang, L Wang
2015   Super-Resolution with Deep Convolutional Sufficient Statistics  J Bruna, P Sprechmann, Y LeCun
2015   Single Face Image Super-Resolution via Solo Dictionary Learning  F Juefei
2015   Fast and Accurate Image Upscaling with Super-Resolution Forests  S Schulter, C Leistner, H Bischof
2014   A+: Adjusted Anchored Neighborhood Regression for Fast Super-Resolution  R Timofte, V De Smet, L Van Gool
2014   Single image super-resolution via L0 image smoothing  Z Liu, Q Huang, J Li, Q Wang