Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: survey

Year TitleAuthor
2017   A Survey on Malware Detection Using Data Mining Techniques  Y Ye, T Li, D Adjeroh, SS Iyengar
2017   Human Affect Recognition System based on Survey of Recent Approaches  S Malwatkar, R Sugandhi, AR Mahajan
2017   Deep Learning for Mobile Multimedia: A Survey  K Ota, MS Dao, V Mezaris, FGB De Natale
2017   A Survey on Deep Video Prediction  V Ge 
2017   Big Data Analytics for Network Intrusion Detection: A Survey  L Wang, R Jones
2017   A Literature Survey of Early Time Series Classification and Deep Learning  T Santos, R Kern
2017   Segmentation of prostate contours for automated diagnosis using ultrasound images: A survey  RP Singh, S Gupta, UR Acharya
2017   Multimodal Machine Learning: A Survey and Taxonomy  T Baltrušaitis, C Ahuja, LP Morency
2017   A Survey of Big Data Analytics Using Machine Learning Algorithms  U Moorthy, UD Gandhi
2017   A Survey on Journey of Topic Modeling Techniques from SVD to Deep Learning  D Sharma, B Kumar, S Chand
2017   Approaches for Computational Sarcasm Detection: A Survey  L Kumar, A Somani, P Bhattacharyya
2017   Application of Deep Learning in Automated Analysis of Molecular Images in Cancer: A Survey  Y Xue, S Chen, J Qin, Y Liu, B Huang, H Chen 
2017   A Survey on Dialogue Systems: Recent Advances and New Frontiers  H Chen, X Liu, D Yin, J Tang 
2017   Cloud computing for deep learning analytics: A survey of current trends and challenges  A Saiyeda, MA Mir
2017   On the use of Machine Learning techniques to detect Malware in Android Operative System: A survey  MFM Alba
2017   A Comprehensive Survey of Deep Learning in Remote Sensing: Theories, Tools and Challenges for the Community  JE Ball, DT Anderson, CS Chan
2017   Survey Paper on Feature Extraction Methods in Text Categorization  D Saxena, SK Saritha, V Prasad
2017   Survey on Semantic Indexing of High dimensional Data with Deep Learning Techniques  LH Medida, K Ramani
2017   Deep Learning Based Recommendation: A Survey  J Liu, C Wu
2017   Deep Learning based Recommender System: A Survey and New Perspectives  S Zhang, L Yao, A Sun
2017   System Design Perspective for Human-Level Agents Using Deep Reinforcement Learning: A Survey  ND Nguyen, T Nguyen, S Nahavandi 
2017   Deep learning for Arabic NLP: A survey  M Al
2017   Deep Learning in Microscopy Image Analysis: A Survey  F Xing, Y Xie, H Su, F Liu, L Yang 
2017   Towards Electroencephalographic Profiling of Player Motivation: A Survey  X Liu, K Merrick, H Abbass
2017   Shallow and Deep Networks Intrusion Detection System: A Taxonomy and Survey  E Hodo, X Bellekens, A Hamilton, C Tachtatzis
2017   A survey of dimensionality reduction techniques based on random projection  H Xie, J Li, H Xue
2017   A survey of deep neural network architectures and their applications  W Liu, Z Wang, X Liu, N Zeng, Y Liu, FE Alsaadi
2017   Deep Learning Techniques for Music Generation-A Survey  JP Briot, G Hadjeres, F Pachet
2017   Machines that Learn with Limited or No Supervision: A Survey on Deep Learning Based Techniques  S Roy, S Herath, R Nock, F Porikli
2017   Type and Use of Innovative Learning Environments in Australasian Schools ILETC Survey 1  W IMMS, M Mahat, T Byers, D Murphy
2017   Deep Multimodal Learning: A Survey on Recent Advances and Trends  D Ramachandram, GW Taylor 
2017   Deep Learning for Sensor-based Activity Recognition: A Survey  J Wang, Y Chen, S Hao, X Peng, L Hu
2017   Deep Learning for Action and Gesture Recognition in Image Sequences: A Survey  M Asadi
2017   Survey of FPGA applications in the period 2000–2015  J Romoth, M Porrmann, U Rückert
2017   A Survey on Deep Learning in Big Data  M Gheisari, G Wang, MZA Bhuiyan
2017   Automated analysis of seizure semiology and brain electrical activity in presurgery evaluation of epilepsy: A focused survey  D Ahmedt‐Aristizabal, C Fookes, S Dionisio, K Nguyen 
2017   Deep Learning Advances in Computer Vision with 3D Data: A Survey  A Ioannidou, E Chatzilari, S Nikolopoulos
2017   A survey of deep learning-based network anomaly detection  D Kwon, H Kim, J Kim, SC Suh, I Kim, KJ Kim
2017   A Survey on Deep Learning in Medical Image Analysis  G Litjens, T Kooi, BE Bejnordi, AAA Setio, F Ciompi
2017   A Survey of Deep Learning Methods for Relation Extraction  S Kumar
2017   Visualizations of Deep Neural Networks in Computer Vision: A Survey  C Seifert, A Aamir, A Balagopalan, D Jain, A Sharma
2017   Machine Learning with World Knowledge: The Position and Survey  Y Song, D Roth
2017   Deep EHR: A Survey of Recent Advances on Deep Learning Techniques for Electronic Health Record (EHR) Analysis  B Shickel, P Tighe, A Bihorac, P Rashidi
2017   RGB-D-based Human Motion Recognition with Deep Learning: A Survey  P Wang, W Li, P Ogunbona, J Wan, S Escalera 
2017   Deep Learning on Underwater Marine Object Detection: A Survey  M Moniruzzaman, SMS Islam, M Bennamoun, P Lavery 
2017   Context Aware Computing, Learning and Big Data in Internet of Things: A Survey  OB Sezer, E Dogdu, AM Ozbayoglu 
2017   A survey of neural network accelerators  Z Li, Y Wang, T Zhi, T Chen
2017   Feedback Techniques in Computer-Based Simulation Training: A Survey  S Wijewickrema, X Ma, J Bailey, G Kennedy, S O'Leary
2017   Cross-Dataset Recognition: A Survey  J Zhang, W Li, P Ogunbona
2016   A brief survey on deep belief networks and introducing a new object oriented toolbox (DeeBNet V3. 0)  MA Keyvanrad, MM Homayounpour
2016   Automatic Description Generation from Images: A Survey of Models, Datasets, and Evaluation Measures  R Bernardi, R Cakici, D Elliott, A Erdem, E Erdem
2016   A Survey of the Existing Landscape of ML Systems  A Kumar, R McCann, J Naughton, JM Patel
2016   When Neural Network Computation Meets Evolutionary Computation: A Survey  Z Chen, Z Zhan, W Shi, W Chen, J Zhang
2016   Facial Affect “in-the-wild”: A survey and a new database  S Zafeiriou, A Papaioannou, I Kotsia, MA Nicolaou
2016   A Survey of Selected Indoor Positioning Methods for Smartphones  P Davidson, R Piche
2016   Toward situation awareness: a survey on adaptive learning for model-free tracking  XL Liao, C Zhang
2016   Computational Intelligence and Financial Markets: A Survey and Future Directions  RC Cavalcante, RC Brasileiro, VLF Souza, JP Nobrega
2016   A Short Survey of Image Super Resolution Algorithms  D Huang, H Liu
2016   A survey on the state of healthcare upcoding fraud analysis and detection  R Bauder, TM Khoshgoftaar, N Seliya
2016   Big Data Reduction Methods: A Survey  MH ur Rehman, CS Liew, A Abbas, PP Jayaraman
2016   No-reference/blind image quality assessment: a survey  S Xu, S Jiang, W Min
2016   Towards Bayesian Deep Learning: A Survey  H Wang, DY Yeung
2016   Dynamics of study strategies and teacher regulation in virtual patient learning activities: a cross sectional survey  S Edelbring, R Wahlström
2016   Feature Learning and Deep Learning Architecture Survey  S Krig
2016   Value Systems for Developmental Cognitive Robotics: A Survey  K Merrick
2016   Deep-learning in Mobile Robotics-from Perception to Control Systems: A Survey on Why and Why not  L Tai, M Liu
2016   Deep Learning and Its Applications to Machine Health Monitoring: A Survey  R Zhao, R Yan, Z Chen, K Mao, P Wang, RX Gao
2016   From handcrafted to learned representations for human action recognition: a survey  F Zhu, L Shao, J Xie, Y Fang
2016   Visual Question Answering: A Survey of Methods and Datasets  Q Wu, D Teney, P Wang, C Shen, A Dick, A Hengel
2016   Neural Network Techniques Applied on Real time Human Gesture Recognition: A Survey Paper  S Varshney, R Tiwari
2016   A survey on deep neural networks for human action recognition in RGB image and depth image  Z Fang
2016   A Survey and Critique of Deep Learning on Recommender Systems  L Zheng
2016   Going Deeper into Action Recognition: A Survey  S Herath, M Harandi, F Porikli
2016   Recent Trends in BCI based Speller System: A Survey Report  S Naz, NG Bawane
2016   Survey of Deep and Extreme Learning Machines for Big data Classification  M Deepa, MR Lakshmi
2016   An Exhaustive Survey Of Reinforcement Learning With Hierarchical Structure  A Chaturvedi, N Mishra
2016   A Survey on Computational Intelligence Approaches for Predictive Modeling in Prostate Cancer  G Cosma, D Brown, M Archer, M Khan, AG Pockley
2016   Survey on Feature Extraction and Applications of Biosignals  A Supratak, C Wu, H Dong, K Sun, Y Guo
2016   Evolutionary Computation in China: A Literature Survey  M Gong, S Wang, W Liu, J Yan, L Jiao
2016   Human Pose Estimation from Monocular Images: A Comprehensive Survey  W Gong, X Zhang, J Gonzàlez, A Sobral, T Bouwmans
2016   Survey of Human Pose Estimation Deep Learning Based Methods  EH Ahmed
2015   Document Analysis Techniques for Automatic Electoral Document Processing: A Survey  A Fornés, J Lladós
2015   Labeled Faces in the Wild: A Survey  E Learned
2015   Extreme Learning Machines on High Dimensional and Large Data Applications: A Survey  J Cao, Z Lin
2015   Machine Learning in Automatic Speech Recognition: A Survey  J Padmanabhan, MJ Johnson Premkumar
2015   A Survey Of Applications And Human Motion Recognition With Microsoft Kinect  R LUN, W ZHAO
2015   A Survey of Human Pose Estimation: The body parts parsing based methods  Z Liu, J Zhu, J Bu, C Chen
2015   Data Center Energy Consumption Modeling: A Survey  M Dayarathna, Y Wen, R Fan
2015   Deep Learning Algorithms with Applications to Video Analytics for A Smart City: A Survey  L Wang, D Sng
2015   A survey of open source tools for machine learning with big data in the Hadoop ecosystem  S Landset, TM Khoshgoftaar, AN Richter, T Hasanin
2015   A survey on GPU-based implementation of swarm intelligence algorithms  Y Tan, K Ding
2015   Using Neural Networks for Data-Driven Backchannel Prediction: A Survey on Input Features and Training Techniques  M Mueller, D Leuschner, L Briem, M Schmidt, K Kilgour
2015   Transfer Learning using Computational Intelligence: A Survey  J Lu, V Behbood, P Hao, H Zuo, S Xue, G Zhang
2015   A Survey of the Music Integration Practices of North Dakota Elementary Classroom Teachers  KJ O'Keefe, KN Dearden, R West
2015   Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning: A Survey  M Al
2015   Learning to Hash for Indexing Big Data-A Survey  J Wang, W Liu, S Kumar, SF Chang
2015   A Survey of Computer Vision Research for Automotive Systems  CY Fu, CK Wang, E Park
2015   Survey of Local Descriptor of Object Recognition System based on RGB-D Images  E Rachmawati, IS Suwardi, ML Khodra
2015   A Survey on Facial Expression Recognition Techniques  S Mishra, A Dhole
2015   Non-Distortion-Specific no-reference image quality assessment: A survey  RA Manap, L Shao
2015   A Survey of Motion Capture Data Earning as High Dimensional Time Series  Z Zhi
2015   Human Detection from Images and Videos: A Survey  DT Nguyen, W Li, PO Ogunbona
2015   Aerial Drone For Well-Site And Signal Survey  J Whipple, N Jeirath, C Archer, DA Sisk, S Gray, CJ Lee
2015   A survey of research on cloud robotics and automation  B Kehoe, S Patil, P Abbeel, K Goldberg
2014   A Survey of Regularization Methods for Deep Neural Network  N Tripathi, A Jadeja
2014   Visual Domain Adaptation: A Survey of Recent Advances  R Chellappa
2014   Facial Feature Point Detection: A Comprehensive Survey  N Wang, X Gao, D Tao, X Li
2014   Object Recognition Using Deep Neural Networks: A Survey  S Goyal, P Benjamin
2014   An Adaptive Approach of Tamil Character Recognition Using Deep Learning with Big Data-A Survey  RJ Kannan, S Subramanian
2014   A review of commitment and implementation of Sustainable Development in Higher Education: Results from a worldwide survey  R Lozano, K Ceulemans, M Alonso
2014   Constructing and Assessing an Introductory Urban Sustainability Course: Applying New Insights Using Survey Research  CP Frederick, KD Pijawka
2014   Teaching styles used in Malawian BSN programmes: A survey of nurse educator preferences  EB Chilemba, JC Bruce