Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: temporal

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Leveraging temporal autocorrelation of historical data for improving accuracy in network regression  C Loglisci, D Malerba
2017   Transfer learning from RF to B-mode temporal enhanced ultrasound features for prostate cancer detection  S Azizi, P Mousavi, P Yan, A Tahmasebi, JT Kwak
2017   Temporal Non-Volume Preserving Approach to Facial Age-Progression and Age-Invariant Face Recognition  C Nhan Duong, K Gia Quach, K Luu, N Le, M Savvides
2017   Ensemble Deep Learning for Skeleton-Based Action Recognition Using Temporal Sliding LSTM Networks  I Lee, D Kim, S Kang, S Lee
2017   Learning Temporal Features with CNNs for Monocular Visual Ego Motion Estimation  M Weber, C Rist, JM Zöllner
2017   Improving Activity Recognition using Temporal Regions  JP Aires, J Monteiro, R Granada, F Meneguzzi
2017   Temporal Generative Adversarial Nets with Singular Value Clipping  M Saito, E Matsumoto, S Saito
2017   Gated spatio and temporal convolutional neural network for activity recognition: towards gated multimodal deep learning  N Yudistira, T Kurita 
2017   R-C3D: Region Convolutional 3D Network for Temporal Activity Detection  H Xu, A Das, K Saenko
2017   Classifying Symmetrical Differences and Temporal Change in Mammography Using Deep Neural Networks  T Kooi, N Karssemeijer
2017   Dual Temporal Scale Convolutional Neural Network for Micro-Expression Recognition  M Peng, C Wang, T Chen, G Liu, X Fu
2017   Predicting the quality of online health expert question-answering services with temporal features in a deep learning framework  Z Hu, Z Zhang, H Yang, Q Chen, R Zhu, D Zuo 
2017   Deep Temporal Architecture for Audiovisual Speech Recognition  C Tian, Y Yuan, X Lu 
2017   Temporal Deep Belief Network for Online Human Motion Recognition  F Lasson, M Polceanu, C Buche, P De Loor
2017   Temporal Filterbanks in Cochlear Implant Hearing and Deep Learning Simulations  P Lin
2017   A deep learning architecture for temporal sleep stage classification using multivariate and multimodal time series  S Chambon, M Galtier, P Arnal, G Wainrib, A Gramfort
2017   Capturing Long-term Temporal Dependencies with Convolutional Networks for Continuous Emotion Recognition  S Khorram, Z Aldeneh, D Dimitriadis, M McInnis
2017   Nasal Speech Sounds Detection Using Connectionist Temporal Classification  M Cernak, S Tong
2017   Temporal Coherency based Criteria for Predicting Video Frames using Deep Multi-stage Generative Adversarial Networks  P Bhattacharjee, S Das 
2017   CDC: Convolutional-De-Convolutional Networks for Precise Temporal Action Localization in Untrimmed Videos  Z Shou, J Chan, A Zareian, K Miyazawa, SF Chang
2017   A Real-time Action Prediction Framework by Encoding Temporal Evolution for Assembly Tasks  F Rezazadegan, LS Davis, S Shirazi
2017   Temporal Convolution Based Action Proposal: Submission to ActivityNet 2017  T Lin, X Zhao, Z Shou
2017   TricorNet: A Hybrid Temporal Convolutional and Recurrent Network for Video Action Segmentation  L Ding, C Xu
2017   Clockless biologically-plausible architecture for temporal perception using convolutional neural networks  Z Fountas, K Nikiforou, D Bhowmik, M Shanahan
2017   A New Temporal Abstraction for Health Diagnosis Prediction using Deep Recurrent Networks  A Manashty, JL Thomson
2017   Detection and grading of prostate cancer using temporal enhanced ultrasound: combining deep neural networks and tissue mimicking simulations  S Azizi, S Bayat, P Yan, A Tahmasebi, G Nir, JT Kwak
2017   A Self-Adaptive Proposal Model for Temporal Action Detection based on Reinforcement Learning  J Huang, N Li, T Zhang, G Li
2017   Cascaded Boundary Regression for Temporal Action Detection  J Gao, Z Yang, R Nevatia
2017   Interpretable 3D Human Action Analysis with Temporal Convolutional Networks  TS Kim, A Reiter
2017   A Transfer Learning Based Feature Extractor for Polyphonic Sound Event Detection Using Connectionist Temporal Classification  Y Wang, F Metze
2017   Deep Multimodal Representation Learning from Temporal Data  X Yang, P Ramesh, R Chitta, S Madhvanath, EA Bernal
2017   Fault Diagnosis from Raw Sensor Data Using Deep Neural Networks Considering Temporal Coherence  R Zhang, Z Peng, L Wu, B Yao, Y Guan
2017   Transfer Learning of Temporal Information for Driver Action Classification  J Lemley, P Corcoran
2017   Adaptive learning method of recurrent temporal deep belief network to analyze time series data  T Ichimura, S Kamada
2017   Temporal Interaction and Causal Influence in Community-based Question Answering  F Wu, X Duan, J Xiao, Z Zhao, S Tang, Y Zhang
2016   Action Temporal Localization in Untrimmed Videos via Multi-stage CNNs  Z Shou, D Wang, SF Chang
2016   Factored Temporal Sigmoid Belief Networks for Sequence Learning  J Song, Z Gan, L Carin
2016   ALEx-TRAC: Affinity Learning by Exploring Temporal Reinforcement within Association Chains  A Bewley, L Ott, F Ramos, B Upcroft
2016   An efficient trust estimation model for multi-agent systems using temporal difference learning  G Rishwaraj, SG Ponnambalam, LC Kiong
2016   Demv-Matchmaker: Emotional Temporal Course Representation And Deep Similarity Matching For Automatic Music Video …  JC Lin, WL Wei, HM Wang
2016   Detection of prostate cancer using temporal sequences of ultrasound data: a large clinical feasibility study  S Azizi, F Imani, S Ghavidel, A Tahmasebi, JT Kwak
2016   Deep metric learning autoencoder for nonlinear temporal alignment of human motion  X Yin, Q Chen
2016   Temporal Ensembling for Semi-Supervised Learning  S Laine, T Aila
2016   Learning Temporal Transformations From Time-Lapse Videos  Y Zhou, TL Berg
2016   Temporal Activity Detection in Untrimmed Videos with Recurrent Neural Networks  A Montes, A Salvador, X Giro
2016   Temporal Convolutional Networks: A Unified Approach to Action Segmentation  C Lea, R Vidal, A Reiter, GD Hager
2016   Invariant object recognition based on combination of sparse DBN and SOM with temporal trace rule  H Cai, S Wang, E Liu, H Liu
2016   Universal Approximation Results for the Temporal Restricted Boltzmann Machine and the Recurrent Temporal Restricted Boltzmann Machine  S Odense, R Edwards
2016   Supervised learning based on temporal coding in spiking neural networks  H Mostafa
2016   A Convolutional Network Model of the Primate Middle Temporal Area  BP Tripp
2016   Classifying Cancer Grades Using Temporal Ultrasound for Transrectal Prostate Biopsy  S Azizi, F Imani, JT Kwak, A Tahmasebi, S Xu, P Yan
2016   Recognizing End-Diastole and End-Systole Frames via Deep Temporal Regression Network  B Kong, Y Zhan, M Shin, T Denny, S Zhang
2016   A Temporal Coherence Loss Function for Learning Unsupervised Acoustic Embeddings  G Synnaeve, E Dupoux
2016   Exploiting Temporal Information for DCNN-based Fine-Grained Object Classification  ZY Ge, C McCool, C Sanderson, P Wang, L Liu, I Reid
2016   Modeling Spatial and Temporal Cues for Multi-label Facial Action Unit Detection  WS Chu, F De la Torre, JF Cohn
2016   Event-Driven Temporal Convolution For Asynchronous Pulse-Modulated Sampled Signals  X Wang, YC Yoon, M Rastogi
2016   Recognize the facial emotion in video sequences using eye and mouth temporal Gabor features  PI Rani, K Muneeswaran
2015   Discriminative Feature Learning with Constraints of Category and Temporal for Action Recognition  Z Wu, S Wan, P Jin, L Yue
2015   Deep Learning for Computer Vision: A comparison between Convolutional Neural Networks and Hierarchical Temporal Memories on object recognition tasks  D Maltoni, II Session
2015   Temporal Frame Difference Using Averaging Filter for Maritime Surveillance  AIA Alfadda
2015   Beyond Temporal Pooling: Recurrence and Temporal Convolutions for Gesture Recognition in Video  L Pigou, A Oord, S Dieleman, M Van Herreweghe
2015   Human Social Interaction Modeling Using Temporal Deep Networks  MR Amer, B Siddiquie, A Tamrakar, DA Salter, B Lande
2015   Modeling Long Temporal Contexts In Convolutional Neural Network-Based Phone Recognition  L Tóth
2015   Method and System for Predicting Spatial and Temporal Distributions of Therapeutic Substance Carriers  S Ananda Yogendran
2015   Temporal Embedding in Convolutional Neural Networks for Robust Learning of Abstract Snippets  J Liu, K Zhao, B Kusy, J Wen, R Jurdak
2015   Deep Temporal Sigmoid Belief Networks for Sequence Modeling  Z Gan, C Li, R Henao, D Carlson, L Carin
2015   Spatially Encoding Temporal Correlations to Classify Temporal Data Using Convolutional Neural Networks  Z Wang, T Oates
2015   Learning invariant object recognition from temporal correlation in a hierarchical network  M Lessmann, RP Würtz
2015   Temporal Phenotyping from Longitudinal Electronic Health Records: A Graph Based Framework  C Liu, F Wang, J Hu, H Xiong
2015   Modeling temporal dependencies in data using a DBN-LSTM  R Vohra, K Goel, JK Sahoo
2015   Temporal Pattern and Association Discovery of Diagnosis Codes Using Deep Learning  S Mehrabi, S Sohn, D Li, JJ Pankratz, T Therneau
2015   Deep symbolic learning of multiple temporal granularities for musical orchestration.  F JACQUEMARD, G PEETERS, P ESLING
2015   Slow and Steady Feature Analysis: Higher Order Temporal Coherence in Video  D Jayaraman, K Grauman
2015   Discovering Spatial and Temporal Patterns in Climate Data Using Deep Learning  C Anderson, I Ebert
2015   Predicting Co-verbal Gestures: A Deep and Temporal Modeling Approach  CC Chiu, LP Morency, S Marsella
2015   Temporal Convolutional Neural Networks for Diagnosis from Lab Tests  N Razavian, D Sontag
2015   Action recognition by learning temporal slowness invariant features  L Pei, M Ye, X Zhao, Y Dou, J Bao
2015   Deep Temporal Appearance-Geometry Network for Facial Expression Recognition  H Jung, S Lee, S Park, I Lee, C Ahn, J Kim
2015   Self-taught learning of a deep invariant representation for visual tracking via temporal slowness principle  J Kuen, KM Lim, CP Lee
2015   Leveraging temporal properties of news events for stock market prediction  A Yoshihara, K Seki, K Uehara
2015   Accelerated gradient temporal difference learning algorithms  D Meyer, R Degenne, A Omrane, H Shen
2015   A Hierarchical Deep Temporal Model for Group Activity Recognition  M Ibrahim, S Muralidharan, Z Deng, A Vahdat, G Mori
2015   HFirst: A Temporal Approach to Object Recognition  G Orchard, C Meyer, R Etienne
2015   Learning Latent Temporal Manifolds for Recognition and Prediction of Multiple Actions in Streaming Videos using Deep Networks  BM Nair
2014   Learning Temporal Dependencies in Data Using a DBN-BLSTM  K Goel, R Vohra
2014   Learning Deep Temporal Representations for Brain Decoding  O Firat, E Aksan, I Oztekin, FTY Vural
2014   Toward a Universal Cortical Algorithm: Examining Hierarchical Temporal Memory in Light of Frontal Cortical Function  MR Ferrier
2014   Multi-scale Temporal Modeling for Dimensional Emotion Recognition in Video  L Chao, J Tao, M Yang, Y Li, Z Wen
2014   Temporal Dropout of Changes Approach to Convolutional Learning of Spatio-Temporal Features  D Culibrk, N Sebe
2014   Temporal Coherence in Energy-based Deep Learning Machines for Action Recognition  RS Adepu
2014   Voice Conversion Using RNN Pre-Trained by Recurrent Temporal Restricted Boltzmann Machines  T Nakashika, T Takiguchi, Y Ariki