Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: theoretic

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Machine Learning by Two-Dimensional Hierarchical Tensor Networks: A Quantum Information Theoretic Perspective on Deep Architectures  D Liu, SJ Ran, P Wittek, C Peng, RB García, G Su 
2016   Information Theoretic Analysis of Production-Perception Efficiency: Case Study of Speech Pathology  A Asaei, M Cernak, H Bourlard
2016   Information Theoretic Rotationwise Robust Binary Descriptor Learning  Y El Rhabi, L Simon, L Brun, JL Canet, F Lumbreras
2015   A Group Theoretic Perspective on Unsupervised Deep Learning  A Paul, S Venkatasubramanian
2014   An Information Theoretic Approach to Quantifying Text Interestingness  K Rohanimanesh