Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: theory

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Mean-field theory of input dimensionality reduction in unsupervised deep neural networks  H Huang
2017   Discriminative Optimization: Theory and Applications to Computer Vision Problems  J Vongkulbhisal, F De la Torre, JP Costeira
2017   Prediction and Optimisation of Protein-Ligand Affinities by Integral Equation Theory  MSF Mrugalla
2017   Deep Learning and Information Theory  B Kumar, A Kotwal
2017   Theory of Deep Learning III: Generalization Properties of SGD  C Zhang, Q Liao, A Rakhlin, K Sridharan, B Miranda
2017   Theory II: Landscape of the Empirical Risk in Deep Learning  T Poggio, Q Liao
2017   The Design of Learning Activity in Flipped Classroom Based on Deep Learning Theory  Y Fang 
2017   Generalizations of the theory and deployment of triangular inequality for compiler-based strength reduction  Y Ding, L Ning, H Guan, X Shen
2017   Towards a practice guided evidence based theory of mentoring in palliative care  LTW Wesley, MF Ikbal, JT Wu, MT Wahab, CT Yeam 
2017   Criticality and Deep Learning, Part I: Theory vs. Empirics  D Oprisa, P Toth
2017   Big Data and Theory  W Maass, J Parsons, S Purao, A Rosales, VC Storey
2017   Inverse Ising inference by combining Ornstein-Zernike theory with deep learning  AA Lee
2017   Investigating the learning dynamics of deep neural networks using random matrix theory  J Pennington, S Schoenholz, S Ganguli 
2017   Large Power Transformer Fault Diagnosis and Prognostic Based on DBNC and DS Evidence Theory  G Li, C Yu, H Fan, S Gao, Y Song, Y Liu
2017   Deep Learning and Punctuated Equilibrium Theory  S Hegelich
2017   Handbook of Research on Fuzzy and Rough Set Theory in Organizational Decision Making  AK Sangaiah, XZ Gao, A Abraham
2017   Planning and Learning under Uncertainty: Theory and Practice  JP How
2016   Research on the Natural Image Super-Resolution Reconstruction Algorithm based on Compressive Perception Theory and Deep Learning Model  G Duan, W Hu, J Wang
2016   Deep Portfolio Theory  JB Heaton, NG Polson, JH Witte
2016   Making Sense of Item Response Theory in Machine Learning  F Martınez
2016   Artificial neural networks and their potentialities in analyzing budget health data: an application for Italy of what-if theory  PM Buscema, G Maurelli, FS Mennini, L Gitto, S Russo
2016   Presentation of blended learning conceptual pattern based on individual and social constructivism theory  AMA Gharacheh, Z Esmaeili, M Farajollahi
2016   Workshop on Theory and Practice of Adiabatic Quantum Computers and Quantum Simulation  E Kapit, H Nishimori, V Oganesyan, S Pilati, G Santoro
2016   Predicting Academic Achievement In Mathematics: Moderating Influence Of Implicit Theory Of Intelligence  S Pandya
2016   Why students become more engaged or more disengaged during the semester: A self-determination theory dual-process model  H Jang, EJ Kim, J Reeve
2016   A Theory of Generative ConvNet  J Xie, Y Lu, SC Zhu, YN Wu
2016   Machine Learning Theory and Practices  K Ramasubramanian, A Singh
2016   Blogs, Tweets, and Protests: Learning Movement Theory through Online Case Studies  JA Muñoz, KR Culton
2016   Theory reconstruction: a representation learning view on predicate invention  S Dumancic, H Blockeel
2016   Concept-Based Learning in Clinical Experiences: Bringing Theory to Clinical Education for Deep Learning  A Nielsen
2016   Achievement Goal Theory  C Senko
2016   A Theory Of Generative Convnet By Jianwen Xie, Yang Lu, Song-Chun Zhu And Ying Nian Wu  J XIE, Y LU, SC ZHU, YN WU
2016   A theory of local learning, the learning channel, and the optimality of backpropagation  P Baldi, P Sadowski
2016   Research of the DBN Algorithm Based on Multi-innovation Theory and Application of Social Computing  P Qin, M Li, Q Miao, C Li
2016   Deep vs. shallow networks: An approximation theory perspective  H Mhaskar, T Poggio
2015   Assessing Teaching Methods for Health Care Management Students Based on Kolb Theory  AR Najarkolai, M Karbasi, A Mosayebi, F Kashmiri
2015   The Need for Theory to Guide Concussion Research  DL Molfese
2015   Brain as an Emergent Finite Automaton: A Theory and Three Theorems  J Weng
2015   Advanced Mean Field Theory of Restricted Boltzmann Machine  H Huang, T Toyoizumi
2015   Deep Feature Selection: Theory and Application to Identify Enhancers and Promoters  Y Li, CY Chen, WW Wasserman
2015   A Theory of Feature Learning  B van Rooyen, RC Williamson
2015   A Probabilistic Theory of Deep Learning  AB Patel, T Nguyen, RG Baraniuk
2015   The Ebb and Flow of Deep Learning: a Theory of Local Learning  P Baldi, P Sadowski
2015   Convolution and modal representations in Thagard and Stewart's neural theory of creativity: a critical analysis  JF de Pasquale, P Poirier
2015   Transforming Passive Receptivity of Knowledge into Deep Learning Experiences at the Undergraduate Level: An Example from Music Theory  A Ferenc
2015   A Three-Component Cognitive Theory  FJ Arjonilla
2015   Artificial Intelligence and Asymmetric Information Theory  T Marwala, E Hurwitz
2015   The Central Role of Learning Theory in School Leadership  LM Richardson, C McDaniels
2015   Generative Graph Prototypes from Information Theory  R Wilson, E Hancock
2015   Two Lectures on Constructive Type Theory  RL Constable
2015   Faculty engagement with blended learning-A study based on the Theory of Planned Behavior  J Huart, P Detroz, D Verpoorten
2015   Evaluation of competence-based teaching in higher education: From theory to practice  E Bergsmann, MT Schultes, P Winter, B Schober
2015   From educational theory to clinical practice: self-regulated learning  SR Strachan
2015   Gaussian discrete restricted Boltzmann machine: theory and its applications: a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of …  S Manoharan
2015   Large Margin Deep Neural Networks: Theory and Algorithms  S Sun, W Chen, L Wang, TY Liu
2015   Artificial Neural Network What-If Theory  PM Buscema, WJ Tastle
2015   A Statistical Theory of Deep Learning via Proximal Splitting  NG Polson, BT Willard, M Heidari
2015   Evaluating student assessments: the use of optimal foraging theory  WB Whalley
2015   Teaching and learning in medical education: How theory can inform practice  DM Kaufman, KV Mann
2015   Multithreshold Entropy Linear Classifier: Theory and Applications  WM Czarnecki, J Tabor
2015   Large-Scale Transportation Network Congestion Evolution Prediction Using Deep Learning Theory  X Ma, H Yu, Y Wang, Y Wang
2015   CURRENT OPINION Teaching laryngeal endoscopy skills to speech and language therapists: applying learning theory to optimize practical skills mastery  HF Robinson, R Dennick
2015   Saliency, Scale and Information: Towards a Unifying Theory  S Rahman, N Bruce
2015   On Learning to Think: Algorithmic Information Theory for Novel Combinations of Reinforcement Learning Controllers and Recurrent Neural World Models  J Schmidhuber
2015   Learning with'e's: Educational theory and practice in the digital age  S Wheeler
2015   How to encourage intrinsic motivation in the clinical teaching environment?: A systematic review from the self-determination theory  C Orsini, P Evans, O Jerez
2014   Why does Deep Learning work?-A perspective from Group Theory  A Paul, S Venkatasubramanian
2014   How to 'Do'Feminist Theory Through Digital Video: Embodying Praxis in the Undergraduate Feminist Theory Classroom”/>< meta name=  R Hurst
2014   Learning Study-the dual process of developing theory and practice  PY Ko, M McGregor
2014   System leaders using assessment for learning as both the change and the change process: developing theory from practice  A Davies, K Busick, S Herbst, A Sherman
2014   Systems Theory for Pragmatic Schooling: Toward Principles of Democratic Education  CA Cunningham
2014   Consensus-based course design and implementation of constructive alignment theory in a power system analysis course  L Vanfretti, M Farrokhabadi
2014   Design Principles for Serious Video Games in Mathematics Education: From Theory to Practice  K Chorianopoulos, M Giannakos
2014   Bridging the gap between CBME in theory and practice: the role of a teacher community  A Gercama, T van Lankveld, J Kleinveld, G Croiset
2014   Higher-Order Thinking in an Online World: Toward a Theory of Web-Mediated Knowledge Synthesis  M DeSchryver