Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: traffic

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Distributed Opportunistic Sensing and Fusion for Traffic Congestion Detection  A Nottle, D Harborne, D Braines, M Alzantot
2017   Deep Packet: A Novel Approach For Encrypted Traffic Classification Using Deep Learning  M Lotfollahi, R Shirali, MJ Siavoshani, M Saberian
2017   Region Proposal Technique for Traffic Light Detection Supplemented by Deep Learning and Virtual Data  M Moosaei, Y Zhang, A Micks, S Smith, MJ Goh
2017   δ-agree Adaboost Stacked Autoencoder for Short-term Traffic Flow Forecasting  T Zhou, G Han, X Xu, Z Lin, C Han, Y Huang, J Qin
2017   Prediction of traffic characteristics in smart cities based on deep learning mechanisms  V Gkania, L Dimitriou
2017   The Driver's Assistant: Utilising Synthetic Data Generation and Deep Learning for Traffic Sign Classification  AG Stergiou, A Clark
2017   Deep learning for short-term traffic flow prediction  NG Polson, VO Sokolov
2017   Long-Term Mobile Traffic Forecasting Using Deep Spatio-Temporal Neural Networks  C Zhang, P Patras 
2017   Optimization of real-time traffic network assignment based on IoT data using DBN and clustering model in smart city  J Yang, Y Han, Y Wang, B Jiang, Z Lv, H Song 
2017   A deep learning approach for detecting traffic accidents from social media data  Z Zhang, Q He, J Gao, M Ni 
2017   Traffic Speed Prediction and Congestion Source Exploration: A Deep Learning Method  J Wang, Q Gu, J Wu, G Liu, Z Xiong
2017   Deep Learning for Spatio-Temporal Modeling: Dynamic Traffic Flows and High Frequency Trading  MF Dixon, NG Polson, VO Sokolov
2017   Extracting Parking Areas from Remote Sensing Imagery and Spatiotemporal Traffic Data  J Glaab
2017   Traffic Scene Segmentation Based on RGB-D Image and Deep Learning  L Li, B Qian, J Lian, W Zheng, Y Zhou
2017   Traffic Parameters Prediction Using a Three-Channel Convolutional Neural Network  D Zang, D Wang, J Cheng, K Tang, X Li 
2017   ZipNet-GAN: Inferring Fine-grained Mobile Traffic Patterns via a Generative Adversarial Neural Network  C Zhang, X Ouyang, P Patras 
2017   Traffic Light Control Using Deep Policy-Gradient and Value-Function Based Reinforcement Learning  SS Mousavi, M Schukat, P Corcoran, E Howley
2017   Deep Learning applied to Road Traffic Speed forecasting  T Epelbaum, F Gamboa, JM Loubes, J Martin
2017   Deep learning traffic sign detection, recognition and augmentation  L Abdi, A Meddeb
2017   Arrival Traffic Scheduling Performance subject to Futuristic Traffic Statistics  N Takeichi
2017   Exploiting synergies of mobile mapping sensors and deep learning for traffic sign recognition systems  Á Arcos
2017   DeepTrend: A Deep Hierarchical Neural Network for Traffic Flow Prediction  X Dai, R Fu, Y Lin, L Li, FY Wang
2017   Traffic Flow Prediction with Rainfall Impact Using A Deep Learning Method  Y Jia, J Wu, M Xu
2017   Context-Aware Object Region Proposals for Efficient Vehicle Detection from Traffic Surveillance Videos Using Deep Neural Networks  J Yuan, W Cao, F Lv
2017   1. Traffic Sign Recognition in Nature by Integration Shape Structure with Deep Learning  J Yang 
2017   Towards Accurate Real-Time Traffic Sign Recognition  A Hasasneh, NM Hasasneh
2017   Learning Traffic as Images: A Deep Convolution Neural Network for Large-scale Transportation Network Speed Prediction  X Ma, Z Dai, Z He, Y Wang
2017   Edge Enhanced Traffic Scene Segmentation Algorithm with Deep Neural Network  W Liu, H Tian, J Hu, S Cheng, H Yuan
2017   The Deep Learning Vision for Heterogeneous Network Traffic Control: Proposal, Challenges, and Future Perspective  N Kato, ZM Fadlullah, B Mao, F Tang, O Akashi
2017   Real-time traffic sign recognition based on a general purpose GPU and deep-learning  K Lim, Y Hong, Y Choi, H Byun
2017   Scalable Deep Traffic Flow Neural Networks for Urban Traffic Congestion Prediction  M Fouladgar, M Parchami, R Elmasri, A Ghaderi
2017   A Deep Learning Approach to the Prediction of Short-term Traffic Accident Risk  H Ren, Y Song, JX Liu, Y Hu, J Lei 
2017   State-of-the-Art Deep Learning: Evolving Machine Intelligence Toward Tomorrow's Intelligent Network Traffic Control Systems  Z Fadlullah, F Tang, B Mao, N Kato, O Akashi, T Inoue
2017   Deep Neural Networks for traffic flow prediction  H Yi, HJ Jung, S Bae
2017   A Real-Time Chinese Traffic Sign Detection Algorithm Based on Modified YOLOv2  J Zhang, M Huang, X Jin, X Li 
2017   Traffic sign recognition based on deep convolutional neural network  S Yin, J Deng, D Zhang, J Du 
2017   A Deep Learning Model for Traffic Flow State Classification Based on Smart Phone Sensor Data  W Tu, F Xiao, L Fu, G Pan
2017   Automatic detection of traffic lights, street crossings and urban roundabouts combining outlier detection and deep learning classification techniques based on GPS …  M Munoz
2017   A deep learning approach to traffic lights: Detection, tracking, and classification  K Behrendt, L Novak, R Botros
2017   Railway Track Specific Traffic Signal Selection Using Deep Learning  S Ritika, S Mittal, D Rao 
2017   Traffic Matrix Prediction and Estimation Based on Deep Learning for Data Center Networks  L Nie, D Jiang, L Guo, S Yu, H Song
2017   Fully Combined Convolutional Network with Soft Cost Function for Traffic Scene Parsing  Y Wu, T Yang, J Zhao, L Guan, J Li
2017   Singular Point Probability Improve LSTM Network Performance for Long-term Traffic Flow Prediction  B Liu, J Cheng, K Cai, P Shi, X Tang 
2017   Comparison between Backpropagation and CNN for the Recognition of Traffic Signs  JE Zafra, RJ Moreno, RD Hernández
2017   Anomaly-tolerant Traffic Matrix Estimation via Prior Information Guided Matrix Completion  W Ye, L Chen, G Yang, H Dai, F Xiao
2017   A Semi-Automatic Annotation Technology for Traffic Scene Image Labeling Based on Deep Learning Preprocessing  Y Jin, J Li, D Ma, X Guo, H Yu
2017   Research on Obstacle Classification Using Voyage Bridge Image-towards River Traffic  M Kondo, M Inaishi, T Furuya, M Nakagawa
2017   Network Traffic Prediction Based on Deep Belief Network in Wireless Mesh Backbone Networks  L Nie, D Jiang, S Yu, H Song
2017   On Removing Routing Protocol from Future Wireless Networks: A Real-time Deep Learning Approach for Intelligent Traffic Control  F Tang, B Mao, ZM Fadlullah, N Kato, O Akashi 
2017   Traffic flow forecasting with deep learning  PØ Kanestrøm
2017   An Application of Internet Traffic Prediction with Deep Neural Network  S Narejo, E Pasero
2016   Accurate and Reliable Detection of Traffic Lights Using Multiclass Learning and Multiobject Tracking  Z Chen, X Huang
2016   Road surface traffic sign detection with hybrid region proposal and fast R-CNN  R Qian, Q Liu, Y Yue, F Coenen, B Zhang
2016   Short-Term Traffic States Forecasting Considering Spatial–Temporal Impact on an Urban Expressway  P Chen, C Ding, G Lu, Y Wang
2016   Traffic signal timing via deep reinforcement learning  L Li, Y Lv, FY Wang
2016   Optimized Structure of the Traffic Flow Forecasting Model With a Deep Learning Approach  HF Yang, TS Dillon, YPP Chen
2016   Traffic sign classification with deep convolutional neural networks  J CREDI
2016   An Automated Traffic Surveillance System with Aerial Camera Arrays: Data Collection with Vehicle Tracking  X Zhao, D Dawson, WA Sarasua, ST Birchfield
2016   Computer network traffic prediction: a comparison between traditional and deep learning neural networks  TP Oliveira, JS Barbar, AS Soares
2016   Improved traffic detection with support vector machine based on restricted Boltzmann machine  J Yang, J Deng, S Li, Y Hao
2016   Vehicle type classification via adaptive feature clustering for traffic surveillance video  S Wang, F Liu, Z Gan, Z Cui
2016   Short-term traffic flow forecasting with spatial-temporal correlation in a hybrid deep learning framework  Y Wu, H Tan
2016   Real-time Traffic Sign Recognition system with deep convolutional neural network  S Jung, U Lee, J Jung, DH Shim
2016   Short-Term Traffic Forecasting: Modeling and Learning Spatio-Temporal Relations in Transportation Networks Using Graph Neural Networks  B Shahsavari, P Abbeel
2016   Inter-data-center network traffic prediction with elephant flows  Y Li, H Liu, W Yang, D Hu, W Xu
2016   Traffic speed prediction using deep learning method  Y Jia, J Wu, Y Du
2016   Traffic Signal Synchronization Using Computer Vision and Wireless Sensor Networks  S Desai, P Trivedi
2016   Intelligent Traffic Surveillance System: Object Detection, Classification and Counting using Deep learning Features  YT Wu
2016   Traffic lights recognition based on PCANet  Z Wang, Z Bi, C Wang, L Lin, H Wang
2016   A traffic object classification pipeline based on CNNs  Y Huo, Z Miao, Z Liu
2016   Multi-nation and Multi-norm License Plates Detection in Real Traffic Surveillance Environment Using Deep Learning  A Naimi, Y Kessentini, M Hammami
2016   Convolutional Networks for Traffic Sign Classification  F ZANETTI
2016   Predicting Inter-Data-Center Network Traffic Using Elephant Flow and Sublink Information  Y Li, H Liu, W Yang, D Hu, X Wang, W Xu
2016   Traffic Sign Detection and Recognition using Fully Convolutional Network Guided Proposals  Y Zhu, C Zhang, D Zhou, X Wang, X Bai, W Liu
2016   Deep Learning Predictors for Traffic Flows  N Polson, V Sokolov
2016   A Comparison of Traffic Flow Prediction Methods Based on DBN  C Monographs, T Monographs, T Monographs
2016   Traffic Matrix Prediction and Estimation Based on Deep Learning in Large-scale IP Backbone Networks  L Nie, D Jiang, L Guo, S Yu
2016   Deep Neural Network for Structural Prediction and Lane Detection in Traffic Scene.  J Li, X Mei, D Prokhorov
2016   The Precise Vehicle Retrieval in Traffic Surveillance with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  B Su, J Shao, J Zhou, X Zhang, L Mei, C Hu
2016   DeepTLR: A single deep convolutional network for detection and classification of traffic lights  M Weber, P Wolf, JM Zöllner
2016   A novel methodology to predict urban traffic congestion with ensemble learning  G Asencio
2016   A traffic sign recognition method based on deep visual feature  F Lin, Y Lai, L Lin, Y Yuan
2016   Multi-task deep convolutional neural networks for efficient and robust traffic lane detection  X Mei, DV Prokhorov, J Li, D Tao
2016   Deep neural network for structural prediction and lane detection in traffic scene  J Li, X Mei, D Prokhorov
2016   The research on traffic sign recognition based on deep learning  C Li, C Yang
2016   An efficient realization of deep learning for traffic data imputation  Y Duan, Y Lv, YL Liu, FY Wang
2015   Learning Driver Behavior Models from Traffic Observations for Decision Making and Planning  T Gindele, S Brechtel, R Dillmann
2015   Fast Traffic Sign Recognition with a Rotation Invariant Binary Pattern Based Feature  S Yin, P Ouyang, L Liu, Y Guo, S Wei
2015   and Distance Robust Real-Time Traffic Light Detection Estimation using a single camera  M Diaz
2015   Malaysia traffic sign recognition with convolutional neural network  MM Lau, KH Lim, AA Gopalai
2015   DeepSense: A novel learning mechanism for traffic prediction with taxi GPS traces  X Niu, Y Zhu, X Zhang
2015   Negative-Supervised Cascaded Deep Learning for Traffic Sign Classification  K Xie, S Ge, R Yang, X Lu, L Sun
2015   Recognizing Traffic Signs Using a Practical Deep Neural Network  HH Aghdam, EJ Heravi, D Puig
2015   Human-level Moving Object Recognition from Traffic Video  F Zhu, Q Liu, S Zhong, Y Yang
2015   Situation Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Road Traffic Monitoring  NV Kim, MA Chervonenkis
2015   A novel pLSA based Traffic Signs Classification System  M Haloi
2015   Spatiotemporal Context Awareness for Urban Traffic Modeling and Prediction: Sparse Representation Based Variable Selection  S Yang, S Shi, X Hu, M Wang
2014   Traffic Flow Prediction With Big Data: A Deep Learning Approach  Y Lv, Y Duan, W Kang, Z Li, FY Wang
2014   A deep learning based approach for traffic data imputation  Y Duan, Y Lv, W Kang, Y Zhao
2014   Traffic light recognition in varying illumination using deep learning and saliency map  V John, K Yoneda, B Qi, Z Liu, S Mita