Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: traffic sign

Year TitleAuthor
2017   The Driver's Assistant: Utilising Synthetic Data Generation and Deep Learning for Traffic Sign Classification  AG Stergiou, A Clark
2017   Deep learning traffic sign detection, recognition and augmentation  L Abdi, A Meddeb
2017   Exploiting synergies of mobile mapping sensors and deep learning for traffic sign recognition systems  Á Arcos
2017   1. Traffic Sign Recognition in Nature by Integration Shape Structure with Deep Learning  J Yang 
2017   Towards Accurate Real-Time Traffic Sign Recognition  A Hasasneh, NM Hasasneh
2017   Real-time traffic sign recognition based on a general purpose GPU and deep-learning  K Lim, Y Hong, Y Choi, H Byun
2017   A Real-Time Chinese Traffic Sign Detection Algorithm Based on Modified YOLOv2  J Zhang, M Huang, X Jin, X Li 
2017   Traffic sign recognition based on deep convolutional neural network  S Yin, J Deng, D Zhang, J Du 
2016   Road surface traffic sign detection with hybrid region proposal and fast R-CNN  R Qian, Q Liu, Y Yue, F Coenen, B Zhang
2016   Traffic sign classification with deep convolutional neural networks  J CREDI
2016   Real-time Traffic Sign Recognition system with deep convolutional neural network  S Jung, U Lee, J Jung, DH Shim
2016   Convolutional Networks for Traffic Sign Classification  F ZANETTI
2016   Traffic Sign Detection and Recognition using Fully Convolutional Network Guided Proposals  Y Zhu, C Zhang, D Zhou, X Wang, X Bai, W Liu
2016   A traffic sign recognition method based on deep visual feature  F Lin, Y Lai, L Lin, Y Yuan
2016   The research on traffic sign recognition based on deep learning  C Li, C Yang
2015   Fast Traffic Sign Recognition with a Rotation Invariant Binary Pattern Based Feature  S Yin, P Ouyang, L Liu, Y Guo, S Wei
2015   Malaysia traffic sign recognition with convolutional neural network  MM Lau, KH Lim, AA Gopalai
2015   Negative-Supervised Cascaded Deep Learning for Traffic Sign Classification  K Xie, S Ge, R Yang, X Lu, L Sun