Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: ultrasound

Year TitleAuthor
2017   The application of deep convolutional neural networks to ultrasound for modelling of dynamic states within human skeletal muscle  RJ Cunningham, PJ Harding, ID Loram
2017   Transfer learning from RF to B-mode temporal enhanced ultrasound features for prostate cancer detection  S Azizi, P Mousavi, P Yan, A Tahmasebi, JT Kwak
2017   Using Neural Networks to Determine the Origin of Medical Ultrasound Images  Ø Fossan
2017   Segmentation of prostate contours for automated diagnosis using ultrasound images: A survey  RP Singh, S Gupta, UR Acharya
2017   Simulating Patho-realistic Ultrasound Images using Deep Generative Networks with Adversarial Learning  F Tom, D Sheet 
2017   Erratum to: Deep Learning for Sensorless 3D Freehand Ultrasound Imaging  R Prevost, M Salehi, J Sprung, A Ladikos, R Bauer 
2017   Joint Weakly and Semi-Supervised Deep Learning for Localization and Classification of Masses in Breast Ultrasound Images  SY Shin, S Lee, ID Yun, KM Lee 
2017   Towards CT-quality Ultrasound Imaging using Deep Learning  S Vedula, O Senouf, AM Bronstein, OV Michailovich 
2017   Symtosis: A Liver Ultrasound Tissue Characterization and Risk Stratification in Optimized Deep Learning Paradigm  M Biswas, V Kuppili, DR Edla, HS Suri, L Saba 
2017   Towards Automatic Semantic Segmentation in Volumetric Ultrasound  X Yang, L Yu, S Li, X Wang, N Wang, J Qin, D Ni
2017   Detection and Characterization of the Fetal Heartbeat in Free-hand Ultrasound Sweeps with Weakly-supervised Two-streams Convolutional Networks  Y Gao, JA Noble
2017   Deep Learning for Sensorless 3D Freehand Ultrasound Imaging  R Prevost, M Salehi, J Sprung, R Bauer, W Wein
2017   A deep learning framework for supporting the classification of breast lesions in ultrasound images  S Han, HK Kang, JY Jeong, MH Park, W Kim, WC Bang
2017   Diagnosis of Focal Liver Diseases Based on Deep Learning Technique for Ultrasound Images  TM Hassan, M Elmogy, ES Sallam
2017   Coarse-to-Fine Stacked Fully Convolutional Nets for lymph node segmentation in ultrasound images  Y Zhang, MTC Ying, L Yang, AT Ahuja, DZ Chen
2017   Thyroid Nodule Classification in Ultrasound Images by Fine-Tuning Deep Convolutional Neural Network  J Chi, E Walia, P Babyn, J Wang, G Groot, M Eramian
2017   In vivo prediction of intramuscular fat using ultrasound and deep learning  J Kvam, J Kongsro 
2017   Classification of breast cancer from ultrasound imaging using a generic deep learning analysis software: a pilot study  AS Becker, M Mueller, E Stoffel, M Marcon, S Ghafoor 
2017   A Deep Learning Approach to Ultrasound Image Recovery  D Perdios, AGJ Besson, M Arditi, JP Thiran
2017   Learning Spatio-Temporal Aggregation for Fetal Heart Analysis in Ultrasound Video  A Patra, W Huang, JA Noble
2017   Abdomen Segmentation in 3D Fetal Ultrasound Using CNN-powered Deformable Models  A Schmidt
2017   Deep Learning in RF Sub-sampled B-mode Ultrasound Imaging  YH Yoon, S Khan, J Huh, JC Ye 
2017   Automatic 3D ultrasound segmentation of the first trimester placenta using deep learning  P Looney, GN Stevenson, KH Nicolaides, W Plasencia
2017   Cascaded Fully Convolutional Networks for automatic prenatal ultrasound image segmentation  L Wu, Y Xin, S Li, T Wang, PA Heng, D Ni
2017   Deep learning with spatiotemporal consistency for nerve segmentation in ultrasound images  A Hafiane, P Vieyres, A Delbos
2017   Freehand Ultrasound Image Simulation with Spatially-Conditioned Generative Adversarial Networks  Y Hu, E Gibson, LL Lee, W Xie, DC Barratt
2017   Automatic fetal body and amniotic fluid segmentation from fetal ultrasound images by encoder-decoder network with inner layers  Y Li, R Xu, J Ohya, H Iwata
2017   Super-Resolution Reconstruction of Plane-Wave Ultrasound Imaging Based on the Improved CNN Method  Z Zhou, Y Wang, J Yu, W Guo, Z Fang 
2017   Ultrasound Standard Plane Detection Using a Composite Neural Network Framework  H Chen, L Wu, Q Dou, J Qin, S Li, JZ Cheng, D Ni
2017   FUIQA: Fetal Ultrasound Image Quality Assessment With Deep Convolutional Networks  L Wu, JZ Cheng, S Li, B Lei, T Wang, D Ni
2017   Liver fibrosis classification based on transfer learning and FCNet for ultrasound images  D Meng, L Zhang, G Cao, W Cao, G Zhang, B Hu
2017   The feasibility of deep learning algorithms integration on a GPU-based ultrasound research scanner  P Jarosik, M Lewandowski 
2017   Method And System For Measuring Pressure Using Ultrasound  CA Rich, D Lemmerhirt
2017   Deep Learning for Accelerated Ultrasound Imaging  YH Yoon, JC Ye 
2017   Breast Tumor Detection in Ultrasound Images Using Deep Learning  Z Cao, L Duan, G Yang, T Yue, Q Chen, H Fu, Y Xu
2016   Early-stage atherosclerosis detection using deep learning over carotid ultrasound images  RM Menchón
2016   Tracking and segmentation of the endocardium of the left ventricle in a 2D ultrasound using deep learning architectures and Monte Carlo sampling  JC Nascimento, G Carneiro, A Freitas
2016   Automatic Detection of Standard Sagittal Plane in the First Trimester of Pregnancy Using 3-D Ultrasound Data  S Nie, J Yu, P Chen, Y Wang, JQ Zhang
2016   Detection of prostate cancer using temporal sequences of ultrasound data: a large clinical feasibility study  S Azizi, F Imani, S Ghavidel, A Tahmasebi, JT Kwak
2016   Hough-CNN: Deep Learning for Segmentation of Deep Brain Regions in MRI and Ultrasound  F Milletari, SA Ahmadi, C Kroll, A Plate, V Rozanski
2016   Hybrid approach for automatic segmentation of fetal abdomen from ultrasound images using deep learning  H Ravishankar, SM Prabhu, V Vaidya, N Singhal
2016   Iterative Multi-domain Regularized Deep Learning for Anatomical Structure Detection and Segmentation from Ultrasound Images  H Chen, Y Zheng, JH Park, PA Heng, SK Zhou
2016   A Convolutional Neural Network for Automatic Characterization of Plaque Composition in Carotid Ultrasound  K Lekadir, A Galimzianova, A Betriu, M del Mar Vila
2016   4D Cardiac Ultrasound Standard Plane Location by Spatial-Temporal Correlation  Y Gu, GZ Yang, J Yang, K Sun
2016   Computer-Aided Diagnosis for Breast Ultrasound Using Computerized BI-RADS Features and Machine Learning Methods  J Shan, SK Alam, B Garra, Y Zhang, T Ahmed
2016   Stacked Deep Polynomial Network Based Representation Learning for Tumor Classification with Small Ultrasound Image Dataset  J Shi, S Zhou, X Liu, Q Zhang, M Lu, T Wang
2016   Fine-grained Recurrent Neural Networks for Automatic Prostate Segmentation in Ultrasound Images  X Yang, L Yu, L Wu, Y Wang, D Ni, J Qin, PA Heng
2016   Coupling Convolutional Neural Networks and Hough Voting for Robust Segmentation of Ultrasound Volumes  C Kroll, F Milletari, N Navab, SA Ahmadi
2016   Classifying Cancer Grades Using Temporal Ultrasound for Transrectal Prostate Biopsy  S Azizi, F Imani, JT Kwak, A Tahmasebi, S Xu, P Yan
2015   Tumor Classification by Deep Polynomial Network and Multiple Kernel Learning on Small Ultrasound Image Dataset  X Liu, J Shi, Q Zhang
2015   Automatic Recognition of Fetal Facial Standard Plane in Ultrasound Image via Fisher Vector  B Lei, EL Tan, S Chen, L Zhuo, S Li, D Ni, T Wang
2015   Estimation of the Arterial Diameter in Ultrasound Images of the Common Carotid Artery  RM Menchón
2015   Cell recognition based on topological sparse coding for microscopy imaging of focused ultrasound treatment  Z Wang, J Zhu, Y Xue, C Song, N Bi
2014   Mapping between ultrasound and vowel speech using DNN framework  X Zheng, J Wei, W Lu, Q Fang, J Dang
2014   High-definition 3D Image Processing Technology for Ultrasound Diagnostic Scanners  M Ogino, T Shibahara, Y Noguchi, T Tsujita
2014   Fully automatic segmentation of ultrasound common carotid artery images based on machine learning  RM Menchón