Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: unsupervised feature

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Multi channel brain EEG signals based emotional arousal classification with unsupervised feature learning using autoencoders  D Ayata, Y Yaslan, M Kamasak
2017   Deep Learning in Customer Churn Prediction: Unsupervised Feature Learning on Abstract Company Independent Feature Vectors  P Spanoudes, T Nguyen
2017   Spatio-Temporal Anomaly Detection for Industrial Robots through Prediction in Unsupervised Feature Space  A Munawar, P Vinayavekhin, G De Magistris
2017   An Incremental Deep Learning Network for On-line Unsupervised Feature Extraction  Y Liang, Y Yang, F Shen, J Zhao, T Zhu 
2017   A learned sparseness and IGMRF-based regularization framework for dense disparity estimation using unsupervised feature learning  S Nahar, MV Joshi
2017   Scalable and Unsupervised Feature Engineering Using Vibration-Imaging and Deep Learning for Rotor System Diagnosis  H Oh, JH Jung, BC Jeon, BD Youn
2017   Deep Unsupervised Feature Extraction of Sensory Signals  Y Berradi, A Bouroumi
2017   A novel interest point detector based on convolutional features with unsupervised feature learning  Q Jia, X Wang, L Zhou
2016   Autoconvolution for Unsupervised Feature Learning  B Knyazev, E Barth, T Martinetz
2016   Fully Deep Neural Networks Incorporating Unsupervised Feature Learning for Audio Tagging  Y Xu, Q Huang, W Wang, P Foster, S Sigtia
2016   Unsupervised Feature Extraction by Time-Contrastive Learning and Nonlinear ICA  A Hyvarinen, H Morioka
2016   Unsupervised feature learning for Music Structural Analysis  M Buccoli, M Zanoni, A Sarti, S Tubaro, D Andreoletti
2016   Selective Unsupervised Feature Learning with Convolutional Neural Network (S-CNN)  A Ghaderi, V Athitsos
2016   Unsupervised Feature Learning Assisted Visual Sentiment Analysis  Z Li, Y Fan, F Wang, W Liu
2016   Pain detection from facial images using unsupervised feature learning approach  R Kharghanian, A Peiravi, F Moradi
2016   Automated image classification via unsupervised feature learning by K-means  H Karimy Dehkordy
2016   Smart diagnosis of journal bearing rotor systems: Unsupervised feature extraction scheme by deep learning  H Oh, BC Jeon, JH Jung, BD Youn
2016   Unsupervised Feature Learning With Symmetrically Connected Convolutional Denoising Auto-encoders  J Dong, XJ Mao, C Shen, YB Yang
2016   Content-Based High-Resolution Remote Sensing Image Retrieval via Unsupervised Feature Learning and Collaborative Affinity Metric Fusion  Y Li, Y Zhang, C Tao, H Zhu
2016   Unsupervised feature learning from finite data by message passing: discontinuous versus continuous phase transition  H Huang, T Toyoizumi
2016   Denoising auto-encoders toward robust unsupervised feature representation  W Xiong, B Du, L Zhang, L Zhang, D Tao
2016   Statistical mechanics of unsupervised feature learning in a restricted Boltzmann machine with binary synapses  H Huang
2015   Unsupervised feature selection based on spectral regression from manifold learning for facial expression recognition  L Wang, K Wang, R Li
2015   Discriminative Unsupervised Feature Learning with Exemplar Convolutional Neural Networks  A Dosovitskiy, P Fischer, J Springenberg, M Riedmiller
2015   Active Learning with Clustering and Unsupervised Feature Learning  S Berardo, E Favero, N Neto
2015   A Novel Visual Attention Framework using Unsupervised Feature Learning for Road Scene Understanding  Y Mao, Q Meng, M Chen
2015   Unsupervised Feature Learning for Optical Character Recognition  DK Sahu, CV Jawahar
2015   Clustering Data of Mixed Categorical and Numerical Type with Unsupervised Feature Learning  D Lam, M Wei, D Wunsch
2015   Unsupervised Feature Learning in Computer Vision  R Goroshin
2015   Unsupervised Feature Learning for Dense Correspondences across Scenes  C Zhang, C Shen
2015   Unsupervised feature learning for scene classification of high resolution remote sensing image  M Fu, Y Yuan, X Lu
2015   Experimental Study of Unsupervised Feature Learning for HEp-2 Cell Images Clustering  Y Zhao, Z Gao, L Wang, L Zhou
2015   Speech emotion recognition with unsupervised feature learning  Z HUANG, W XUE, Q MAO
2015   Deep Computation Model for Unsupervised Feature Learning on Big Data  Q Zhang, LT Yang, Z Chen
2015   Improving deep convultional neural networks with unsupervised feature learning  K Nguyen Thanh, CB Fookes, S Sridharan
2014   C-SVDDNet: An Effective Single-Layer Network for Unsupervised Feature Learning  D Wang, X Tan
2014   Audio-only bird classification using unsupervised feature learning  D Stowell, MD Plumbley
2014   Unsupervised feature learning on monaural DOA estimation using convolutional deep belief networks  Y Chen, M Zhu, N Epain, C Jin
2014   Unsupervised Feature Learning For Bootleg Detection Using Deep Learning Architectures  M Buccoli, P Bestagini, M Zanoni, A Sarti, S Tubaro
2014   Unsupervised Feature Learning for RGB-D Image Classification  IH Jhuo, S Gao, L Zhuang, DT Lee, Y Ma
2014   Unsupervised Feature Pre-training of the Scattering Wavelet Transform for Musical Genre Recognition  M Kleć, D Koržinek