Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: unsupervised learning

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Greedy Compositional Clustering for Unsupervised Learning of Hierarchical Compositional Models  A Kortylewski, C Blumer, T Vetter
2017   PVEs: Position-Velocity Encoders for Unsupervised Learning of Structured State Representations  R Jonschkowski, R Hafner, J Scholz, M Riedmiller
2017   Deep Unsupervised Learning with Consistent Inference of Latent Representations  J Chang, L Wang, G Meng, S Xiang, C Pan 
2017   Unsupervised Learning Layers for Video Analysis  L Zhao, Y Wang, Y Yang, W Xu
2017   Unsupervised Learning for Cell-level Visual Representation in Histopathology Images with Generative Adversarial Networks  B Hu, Y Tang, EI Chang, Y Fan, M Lai, Y Xu 
2017   Unsupervised Learning of Long-Term Motion Dynamics for Videos  Z Luo, B Peng, DA Huang, A Alahi, L Fei
2017   An Unsupervised Learning Method Exploiting Sequential Output Statistics  Y Liu, J Chen, L Deng
2017   Unsupervised Learning of Disentangled and Interpretable Representations from Sequential Data  WN Hsu, Y Zhang, J Glass
2017   A Deterministic and Generalized Framework for Unsupervised Learning with Restricted Boltzmann Machines  EW Tramel, M Gabrié, A Manoel, F Caltagirone
2017   Unsupervised Learning by Predicting Noise  P Bojanowski, A Joulin
2017   Unsupervised learning of depth and ego-motion from video  T Zhou, M Brown, N Snavely, DG Lowe
2017   To Go or Not To Go? A Near Unsupervised Learning Approach For Robot Navigation  N Hirose, A Sadeghian, P Goebel, S Savarese
2017   Modeling Hebb Learning Rule for Unsupervised Learning  J Liu, M Gong, Q Miao
2017   Unsupervised learning of object landmarks by factorized spatial embeddings  J Thewlis, H Bilen, A Vedaldi
2016   Spatial contrasting for deep unsupervised learning  E Hoffer, I Hubara, N Ailon
2016   Generalizable Features From Unsupervised Learning  M Mirza, A Courville, Y Bengio
2016   Unsupervised Learning from Continuous Video in a Scalable Predictive Recurrent Network  F Piekniewski, P Laurent, C Petre, M Richert, D Fisher
2016   Joint Unsupervised Learning of Deep Representations and Image Clusters  J Yang, D Parikh, D Batra
2016   Pose from Action: Unsupervised Learning of Pose Features based on Motion  S Purushwalkam, A Gupta
2016   Unsupervised learning for image classification  Y Lu
2016   Unsupervised Learning of Predictors from Unpaired Input-Output Samples  J Chen, PS Huang, X He, J Gao, L Deng
2016   Unsupervised Learning using Sequential Verification for Action Recognition  I Misra, CL Zitnick, M Hebert
2016   An Information-Theoretic Framework for Fast and Robust Unsupervised Learning via Neural Population Infomax  W Huang, K Zhang
2016   Unsupervised Learning of 3D Structure from Images  DJ Rezende, SM Eslami, S Mohamed, P Battaglia
2016   Automated sleep scoring using unsupervised learning of meta-features  S Olsson
2016   Unsupervised learning models of invariant features in images: Recent developments in multistage architecture approach for object detection  S Mittal
2016   Unsupervised Learning of Audio Segment Representations using Sequence-to-sequence Recurrent Neural Networks  YA Chung, CC Wu, CH Shen, HY Lee
2016   Mesh Convolutional Restricted Boltzmann Machines for Unsupervised Learning of Features With Structure Preservation on 3-D Meshes  Z Han, Z Liu, J Han, CM Vong, S Bu, CLP Chen
2016   NFLB dropout: Improve generalization ability by dropping out the best-A biologically inspired adaptive dropout method for unsupervised learning  P Yin, L Qi, X Xi, B Zhang, H Qiao
2016   Handwritten Digit Recognition via Unsupervised Learning  X Jiang, H Pham, Q Xu
2016   Fundamental principles of cortical computation: unsupervised learning with prediction, compression and feedback  M Richert, D Fisher, F Piekniewski, EM Izhikevich
2016   Conversational Recommendation System with Unsupervised Learning  Y Sun, Y Zhang, Y Chen, R Jin
2016   Unsupervised Learning of Visual Representations by Solving Jigsaw Puzzles  M Noroozi, P Favaro
2016   Deep Predictive Coding Networks for Video Prediction and Unsupervised Learning  W Lotter, G Kreiman, D Cox
2016   Quad-networks: unsupervised learning to rank for interest point detection  N Savinov, A Seki, L Ladicky, T Sattler, M Pollefeys
2015   Spatiotemporal Pattern Detection in Multi-cell Recordings Using Unsupervised Learning  H Nikoo
2015   Bio-inspired Unsupervised Learning of Visual Features Leads to Robust Invariant Object Recognition  SR Kheradpisheh, M Ganjtabesh, T Masquelier
2015   Unsupervised Learning of Multiple Languages Using Recurrent Neural Networks  MP Nieto, M Berglund, T Raiko
2015   Deep Unsupervised Learning using Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics  J Sohl
2015   Overcoming Intractability in Unsupervised Learning (Invited Talk)}}  S Arora, EW Mayr, N Ollinger
2015   Towards Principled Unsupervised Learning  I Sutskever, R Jozefowicz, K Gregor, D Rezende
2015   Unsupervised Learning of Visual Structure using Predictive Generative Networks  W Lotter, G Kreiman, D Cox
2015   Towards Unsupervised Learning for Arabic Handwritten Recognition Using Deep Architectures  M Elleuch, N Tagougui, M Kherallah
2015   Unsupervised Learning of Visual Representations using Videos  X Wang, A Gupta
2015   Unsupervised Learning of Edges  Y Li, M Paluri, JM Rehg, P Dollár
2015   Unsupervised Learning in Synaptic Sampling Machines  EO Neftci, BU Pedroni, S Joshi, M Al
2015   Unsupervised Learning by Program Synthesis  K Ellis, A Solar
2015   Convolutional Clustering for Unsupervised Learning  A Dundar, J Jin, E Culurciello
2014   Pedestrian Detection Based on Multi-Stage Unsupervised Learning  Y Yin, MJ Liao, XL Li
2014   Unsupervised Learning of Semantics of Object Detections for Scene Categorization  G Mesnil, S Rifai, A Bordes, X Glorot, Y Bengio
2014   Unsupervised Learning of Spatiotemporally Coherent Metrics  R Goroshin, J Bruna, J Tompson, D Eigen, Y LeCun
2014   From neural PCA to deep unsupervised learning  H Valpola