Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: vehicle

Year TitleAuthor
2017   VoNet: vehicle orientation classification using convolutional neural network  R You, JW Kwon
2017   Segmentation-free Vehicle License Plate Recognition using ConvNet-RNN  TK Cheang, YS Chong, YH Tay
2017   Concrete problems for autonomous vehicle safety: Advantages of Bayesian deep learning  R McAllister, Y Gal, A Kendall, M van der Wilk, A Shah
2017   Visual vehicle tracking based on deep representation and semi-supervised learning  Y CAI, H WANG, X SUN, L CHEN
2017   Spatio-temporal modeling of vehicle surroundings  T Schön, J Roll, D Zachariah
2017   Object Detection from a Vehicle Using Deep Learning Network and Future Integration with Multi-Sensor Fusion Algorithm  RS Dheekonda, S Panda, M Hasan, S Anwar
2017   Vehicle Detection and Counting in High-Resolution Aerial Images Using Convolutional Regression Neural Network  H Tayara, KG Soo, KT Chong 
2017   Real-Time Deep ConvNet-Based Vehicle Detection Using 3D-LIDAR Reflection Intensity Data  A Asvadi, L Garrote, C Premebida, P Peixoto 
2017   Evolving Boxes for fast Vehicle Detection  L Wang, Y Lu, H Wang, Y Zheng, H Ye, X Xue
2017   Vehicle Detection Using Alex Net and Faster R-CNN Deep Learning Models: A Comparative Study  JE Espinosa, SA Velastin, JW Branch 
2017   Vehicle Logo Retrieval Based on Hough Transform and Deep Learning  L Huan, Q Yujian, W Li 
2017   Vision based Autonomous Landing of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle on a Stationary Target  V Sudevan, A Shukla, H Karki 
2017   Variant PID Controller Design for Autonomous Visual Tracking of Oil and Gas Pipelines via an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle  H Xiaoqian, H Karki, A Shukla, Z Xiaoxiong 
2017   Efficient Deep Network Architecture for Vision-Based Vehicle Detection Keyvan Kasiri  K Kasiri, MJ Shafiee, F Li, A Wong, J Eichel 
2017   A Model for Fine-Grained Vehicle Classification Based on Deep Learning  S Yu, Y Wu, W Li, Z Song, W Zeng
2017   Deep MANTA: A Coarse-to-fine Many-Task Network for joint 2D and 3D vehicle analysis from monocular image  F Chabot, M Chaouch, J Rabarisoa, C Teulière
2017   Vehicle Detection in Hsuehshan Tunnel Using Background Subtraction and Deep Belief Network  BJ Huang, JW Hsieh, CM Tsai
2017   Structured learning via convolutional neural networks for vehicle detection  AI Maqueda, CR del Blanco, F Jaureguizar, N García
2017   Multimodal vehicle detection: fusing 3D-LIDAR and color camera data  A Asvadi, L Garrote, C Premebida, P Peixoto
2017   Real-time vehicle detection using deep learning scheme on embedded system  JS Shin, UT Kim, DK Lee, SJ Park, SJ Oh, TJ Yun
2017   Feature Analysis and Selection for Training an End-to-End Autonomous Vehicle Controller Using the Deep Learning Approach  S Yang, W Wang, C Liu, K Deng, JK Hedrick
2017   Convolutional networks for vehicle track segmentation  TT Quach
2017   Deep Learning-Based Vehicle Classification Using an Ensemble of Local Expert and Global Networks  JT Lee, Y Chung
2017   MIT Autonomous Vehicle Technology Study: Large-Scale Deep Learning Based Analysis of Driver Behavior and Interaction with Automation  L Fridman, DE Brown, M Glazer, W Angell, S Dodd 
2017   Context-Aware Object Region Proposals for Efficient Vehicle Detection from Traffic Surveillance Videos Using Deep Neural Networks  J Yuan, W Cao, F Lv
2017   Toward Fast and Accurate Vehicle Detection in Aerial Images Using Coupled Region-Based Convolutional Neural Networks  Z Deng, H Sun, S Zhou, J Zhao, H Zou
2017   Cost-Effective Class-Imbalance Aware CNN for Vehicle Localization and Categorization in High Resolution Aerial Images  F Li, S Li, C Zhu, X Lan, H Chang
2017   Vehicle Type Recognition in Surveillance Images From Labeled Web-Nature Data Using Deep Transfer Learning  J Wang, H Zheng, Y Huang, X Ding 
2017   Deep hashing with multi-task learning for large-scale instance-level vehicle search  D Liang, K Yan, Y Wang, W Zeng, Q Yuan, X Bao
2017   Vehicle Type Recognition Based on Deep Convolution Neural Network  L Shi, Y Wang, Y Cao, L Wei
2017   Smartphone-based Real Time Vehicle Tracking in Indoor Parking Structures  R Gao, M Zhao, T Ye, F Ye, Y Wang, G Luo
2017   Vehicle Detection in Aerial Images Based on Region Convolutional Neural Networks and Hard Negative Example Mining  T Tang, S Zhou, Z Deng, H Zou, L Lei
2017   A Deep Convolution Neural Network Model for Vehicle Recognition and Face Recognition  X Luo, R Shen, J Hu, J Deng, L Hu, Q Guan
2017   Moving object detection from a vehicle using sensor fusion and deep learning  RS Dheekonda, S Panda, M Hasan, S Anwar
2017   Vehicle Driver Monitoring System  H Hassan, S Wacquant, HB Seifert 
2017   Vehicle Color Recognition with Vehicle-Color Saliency Detection and Dual-Orientational Dimensionality Reduction of CNN Deep Features  Q Zhang, J Li, L Zhuo, H Zhang, X Li
2017   A big data based deep learning approach for vehicle speed prediction  Z Cheng, MY Chow, D Jung, J Jeon
2017   Arbitrary-Oriented Vehicle Detection in Aerial Imagery with Single Convolutional Neural Networks  T Tang, S Zhou, Z Deng, L Lei, H Zou 
2016   Vehicle Classification using Transferable Deep Neural Network Features  Y Zhou, NM Cheung
2016   A Hybrid Fuzzy Morphology And Connected Components Labeling Methods For Vehicle Detection And Counting System  C Fatichah, JL Buliali, A Saikhu, S Tena
2016   Evaluation of vehicle interior sound quality using a continuous restricted Boltzmann machine-based DBN  HB Huang, RX Li, ML Yang, TC Lim, WP Ding
2016   An Automated Traffic Surveillance System with Aerial Camera Arrays: Data Collection with Vehicle Tracking  X Zhao, D Dawson, WA Sarasua, ST Birchfield
2016   Vehicle type classification via adaptive feature clustering for traffic surveillance video  S Wang, F Liu, Z Gan, Z Cui
2016   Vehicle Detection in Satellite Images by Incorporating Objectness and Convolutional Neural Network  S Qu, Y Wang, G Meng, C Pan
2016   DAVE: A Unified Framework for Fast Vehicle Detection and Annotation  Y Zhou, L Liu, L Shao, M Mellor
2016   3D Fully Convolutional Network for Vehicle Detection in Point Cloud  B Li
2016   A Deep Learning-Based Approach to Progressive Vehicle Re-identification for Urban Surveillance  X Liu, W Liu, T Mei, H Ma
2016   TraCount: a deep convolutional neural network for highly overlapping vehicle counting  S Surya, RV Babu
2016   Pedestrian, bike, motorcycle, and vehicle classification via deep learning: Deep belief network and small training set  YY Wu, CM Tsai
2016   Fast Vehicle Detection in Satellite Images Using Fully Convolutional Network  J Hu, T Xu, J Zhang, Y Yang
2016   Local Tiled Deep Networks for Recognition of Vehicle Make and Model  Y Gao, HJ Lee
2016   Vehicle detection based on visual saliency and deep sparse convolution hierarchical model  Y Cai, H Wang, X Chen, L Gao, L Chen
2016   Accurate On-Road Vehicle Detection with Deep Fully Convolutional Networks  Z Jie, WF Lu, EHF Tay
2016   Sound quality prediction of vehicle interior noise using deep belief networks  HB Huang, XR Huang, RX Li, TC Lim, WP Ding
2016   Fault Detection and Identification of Vehicle Starters and Alternators Using Machine Learning Techniques  E Seddik
2016   Fault diagnosis network design for vehicle on-board equipments of high-speed railway: A deep learning approach  J Yin, W Zhao
2016   Real-time state-of-health estimation for electric vehicle batteries: A data-driven approach  G You, S Park, D Oh
2016   The Precise Vehicle Retrieval in Traffic Surveillance with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  B Su, J Shao, J Zhou, X Zhang, L Mei, C Hu
2016   Online vehicle detection using deep neural networks and lidar based preselected image patches  S Lange, F Ulbrich, D Goehring
2016   A closer look at Faster R-CNN for vehicle detection  Q Fan, L Brown, J Smith
2016   Appearance-based Brake-Lights recognition using deep learning and vehicle detection  JG Wang, L Zhou, Y Pan, S Lee, Z Song, BS Han
2016   Night time vehicle detection algorithm based on visual saliency and deep learning  Y Cai, HW Xiaoqiang Sun, LCH Jiang
2016   Vehicle classification in WAMI imagery using deep network  M Yi, F Yang, E Blasch, C Sheaff, K Liu, G Chen, H Ling
2015   VeTrack: Real Time Vehicle Tracking in Uninstrumented Indoor Environments  M Zhao, T Ye, R Gao, F Ye, Y Wang, G Luo
2015   Vehicle Color Recognition in The Surveillance with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  B Su, J Shao, J Zhou, X Zhang, L Mei
2015   Vehicle Speed Prediction using Deep Learning  J Lemieux, Y Ma
2015   Monza: Image Classification of Vehicle Make and Model Using Convolutional Neural Networks and Transfer Learning  D Liu, Y Wang
2015   Night Time Vehicle Sensing in Far Infrared Image with Deep Learning  H Wang, Y Cai, X Chen, L Chen
2015   A Vehicle Type Recognition Method based on Sparse Auto Encoder  HL Rong, YX Xia
2015   Occluded vehicle detection with local connected deep model  H Wang, Y Cai, X Chen, L Chen
2015   Performance Evaluation of the Neural Network based Vehicle Detection Models  K Goyal, D Kaur
2015   A Smartphone-based Connected Vehicle Solution for Winter Road Surface Condition Monitoring  MA Linton
2015   Vehicle Logo Recognition System Based on Convolutional Neural Networks With a Pretraining Strategy  Y Huang, R Wu, Y Sun, W Wang, X Ding
2015   SiftKeyPre: A Vehicle Recognition Method Based on SIFT Key-Points Preference in Car-Face Image  CY Zhang, XY Wang, J Feng, Y Cheng
2015   Vehicle Detection in Aerial Imagery: A small target detection benchmark  S Razakarivony, F Jurie
2015   Vehicle license plate recognition using visual attention model and deep learning  D Zang, Z Chai, J Zhang, D Zhang, J Cheng
2015   Domain adaption of vehicle detector based on convolutional neural networks  X Li, M Ye, M Fu, P Xu, T Li
2015   Trainable Convolutional Network Apparatus And Methods For Operating A Robotic Vehicle  P O'connor, E Izhikevich
2015   The AdaBoost algorithm for vehicle detection based on CNN features  X Song, T Rui, Z Zha, X Wang, H Fang
2015   Vehicle detection and classification based on convolutional neural network  D He, C Lang, S Feng, X Du, C Zhang
2015   Deep neural networks-based vehicle detection in satellite images  Q Jiang, L Cao, M Cheng, C Wang, J Li
2015   Vehicle License Plate Recognition Based on Extremal Regions and Restricted Boltzmann Machines  C Gou, K Wang, Y Yao, Z Li
2014   Multi-modal Sensor Registration for Vehicle Perception via Deep Neural Networks  M Giering, K Reddy, V Venugopalan
2014   Mooting within the curriculum as a vehicle for learning: student perceptions  L Jones, S Field
2014   Vehicle Type Classification Using Semi-Supervised Convolutional Neural Network  Z Dong, Y Wu, M Pei, Y Jia
2014   Vehicle License Plate Recognition With Random Convolutional Networks  D Menotti, G Chiachia, AX Falcao, VJO Neto
2014   Vehicle Type Classification Using Unsupervised Convolutional Neural Network  Z Dong, M Pei, Y He, T Liu, Y Dong, Y Jia