Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: vehicle detection

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Vehicle Detection and Counting in High-Resolution Aerial Images Using Convolutional Regression Neural Network  H Tayara, KG Soo, KT Chong 
2017   Real-Time Deep ConvNet-Based Vehicle Detection Using 3D-LIDAR Reflection Intensity Data  A Asvadi, L Garrote, C Premebida, P Peixoto 
2017   Evolving Boxes for fast Vehicle Detection  L Wang, Y Lu, H Wang, Y Zheng, H Ye, X Xue
2017   Vehicle Detection Using Alex Net and Faster R-CNN Deep Learning Models: A Comparative Study  JE Espinosa, SA Velastin, JW Branch 
2017   Efficient Deep Network Architecture for Vision-Based Vehicle Detection Keyvan Kasiri  K Kasiri, MJ Shafiee, F Li, A Wong, J Eichel 
2017   Vehicle Detection in Hsuehshan Tunnel Using Background Subtraction and Deep Belief Network  BJ Huang, JW Hsieh, CM Tsai
2017   Structured learning via convolutional neural networks for vehicle detection  AI Maqueda, CR del Blanco, F Jaureguizar, N García
2017   Real-time vehicle detection using deep learning scheme on embedded system  JS Shin, UT Kim, DK Lee, SJ Park, SJ Oh, TJ Yun
2017   Context-Aware Object Region Proposals for Efficient Vehicle Detection from Traffic Surveillance Videos Using Deep Neural Networks  J Yuan, W Cao, F Lv
2017   Toward Fast and Accurate Vehicle Detection in Aerial Images Using Coupled Region-Based Convolutional Neural Networks  Z Deng, H Sun, S Zhou, J Zhao, H Zou
2017   Vehicle Detection in Aerial Images Based on Region Convolutional Neural Networks and Hard Negative Example Mining  T Tang, S Zhou, Z Deng, H Zou, L Lei
2017   Arbitrary-Oriented Vehicle Detection in Aerial Imagery with Single Convolutional Neural Networks  T Tang, S Zhou, Z Deng, L Lei, H Zou 
2016   A Hybrid Fuzzy Morphology And Connected Components Labeling Methods For Vehicle Detection And Counting System  C Fatichah, JL Buliali, A Saikhu, S Tena
2016   Vehicle Detection in Satellite Images by Incorporating Objectness and Convolutional Neural Network  S Qu, Y Wang, G Meng, C Pan
2016   DAVE: A Unified Framework for Fast Vehicle Detection and Annotation  Y Zhou, L Liu, L Shao, M Mellor
2016   3D Fully Convolutional Network for Vehicle Detection in Point Cloud  B Li
2016   Fast Vehicle Detection in Satellite Images Using Fully Convolutional Network  J Hu, T Xu, J Zhang, Y Yang
2016   Vehicle detection based on visual saliency and deep sparse convolution hierarchical model  Y Cai, H Wang, X Chen, L Gao, L Chen
2016   Accurate On-Road Vehicle Detection with Deep Fully Convolutional Networks  Z Jie, WF Lu, EHF Tay
2016   Online vehicle detection using deep neural networks and lidar based preselected image patches  S Lange, F Ulbrich, D Goehring
2016   A closer look at Faster R-CNN for vehicle detection  Q Fan, L Brown, J Smith
2016   Appearance-based Brake-Lights recognition using deep learning and vehicle detection  JG Wang, L Zhou, Y Pan, S Lee, Z Song, BS Han
2016   Night time vehicle detection algorithm based on visual saliency and deep learning  Y Cai, HW Xiaoqiang Sun, LCH Jiang
2015   Occluded vehicle detection with local connected deep model  H Wang, Y Cai, X Chen, L Chen
2015   Performance Evaluation of the Neural Network based Vehicle Detection Models  K Goyal, D Kaur
2015   Vehicle Detection in Aerial Imagery: A small target detection benchmark  S Razakarivony, F Jurie
2015   The AdaBoost algorithm for vehicle detection based on CNN features  X Song, T Rui, Z Zha, X Wang, H Fang
2015   Vehicle detection and classification based on convolutional neural network  D He, C Lang, S Feng, X Du, C Zhang
2015   Deep neural networks-based vehicle detection in satellite images  Q Jiang, L Cao, M Cheng, C Wang, J Li