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Year TitleAuthor
2017   Video super-resolution reconstruction based on deep convolutional neural network and spatio-temporal similarity  L Linghui, D Junping, L Meiyu, R Nan, F Dan
2017   Spott: On-the-Spot e-Commerce for Television Using Deep Learning-Based Video Analysis Techniques  F Vandecasteele, K Vandenbroucke, D Schuurman
2017   Attentive Semantic Video Generation using Captions  T Marwah, G Mittal, VN Balasubramanian
2017   A Convolutional Neural Network Approach for Half-Pel Interpolation in Video Coding  N Yan, D Liu, H Li, F Wu
2017   Goal!! Event detection in sports video  G Tsagkatakis, M Jaber, P Tsakalides
2017   Video De-Interlacing Algorithm based on Deep Learning and Motion Compensation  CC Chang
2017   Guest Editorial Introduction to the Special Issue on Large-Scale Video Analytics for Enhanced Security: Algorithms and Systems  K Huang, T Tan, S Maybank, R Chellappa, J Aggarval
2017   Sync-DRAW: Automatic Video Generation using Deep Recurrent A entive Architectures  T Marwah, VN Balasubramanian
2017   Recurrent Networks With Motion-Based Attention For Video Understanding  Z LI, E Gavves, M Jain, CGM Snoek
2017   High-performance video content recognition with long-term recurrent convolutional network for FPGA  X Zhang, X Liu, A Ramachandran, C Zhuge, S Tang
2017   TORNADO: A Spatio-Temporal Convolutional Regression Network for Video Action Proposal  H Zhu, R Vial, S Lu
2017   Dynamic frame resizing with convolutional neural network for efficient video compression  J Kim, Y Park, KP Choi, JS Lee, S Jeon, JH Park
2017   A Survey on Deep Video Prediction  V Ge 
2017   Unsupervised deep learning for real-time assessment of video streaming services  M Torres Vega, DC Mocanu, A Liotta
2017   Non-deep Learning Techniques for Roadside Video Data Analysis  B Verma, L Zhang, D Stockwell
2017   Deep Learning Techniques for Roadside Video Data Analysis  B Verma, L Zhang, D Stockwell
2017   Emotional Video Scene Retrieval Using Multilayer Convolutional Network  H Nomiya, S Sakaue, M Maeda, T Hochin
2017   Modeling and analysis of a deep learning pipeline for cloud based video analytics.  MU Yaseen, A Anjum, N Antonopoulos 
2017   Generic Mapping For Tracking Target Object In Video Sequence  R Tao, E Gavves, AWM Smeulders
2017   An Automatic Gastrointestinal Polyp Detection System in Video Endoscopy Using Fusion of Color Wavelet and Convolutional Neural Network Features  M Billah, S Waheed, MM Rahman
2017   Video Analysis With Convolutional Attention Recurrent Neural Networks  Z LI, E Gavves, M Jain, CGM Snoek 
2017   Video scene analysis: an overview and challenges on deep learning algorithms  Q Abbas, MEA Ibrahim, MA Jaffar 
2017   Deep Bimodal Regression of Apparent Personality Traits from Short Video Sequences  XS Wei, CL Zhang, H Zhang, J Wu 
2017   Generative Adversarial Reservoirs for natural video prediction  JJ Hintz
2017   Deep Learning For Video Saliency Detection  W Wang, J Shen, L Shao
2017   Five years after the Deep Learning revolution of computer vision: State of the art methods for online image and video analysis  M Felsberg
2017   The Pose Knows: Video Forecasting by Generating Pose Futures  J Walker, K Marino, A Gupta, M Hebert
2017   Video Generation From Text  Y Li, MR Min, D Shen, D Carlson, L Carin
2017   Impact of Three-Dimensional Video Scalability on Multi-View Activity Recognition using Deep Learning  JH Choi, M Cheon, MS Choi, JS Lee
2017   A Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Video Sequence Background Subtraction  M Babaee, DT Dinh, G Rigoll
2017   Unsupervised Learning Layers for Video Analysis  L Zhao, Y Wang, Y Yang, W Xu
2017   Extraction and Classification of Diving Clips from Continuous Video Footage  A Nibali, Z He, S Morgan, D Greenwood
2017   Going deeper with two-stream ConvNets for action recognition in video surveillance  Y Han, P Zhang, T Zhuo, W Huang, Y Zhang
2017   Energy-based Models for Video Anomaly Detection  H Vu, D Phung, TD Nguyen, A Trevors, S Venkatesh
2017   Video Salient Object Detection via Fully Convolutional Networks  W Wang, J Shen, L Shao
2017   Multi Semantic Feature Fusion Framework for Video Segmentation and  R Liang, Q Zhu
2017   Deep Learning for Video Game Playing  N Justesen, P Bontrager, J Togelius, S Risi
2017   Video Object Segmentation Through Deep Convolutional Networks  Y Zhang, Z He
2017   Deep Domain Adaptation Based Video Smoke Detection using Synthetic Smoke Images  G Xu, Y Zhang, Q Zhang, G Lin, J Wang
2017   Face Video Super-Resolution with Identity Guided Generative Adversarial Networks  D Li, Z Wang 
2017   Imitation from Observation: Learning to Imitate Behaviors from Raw Video via Context Translation  YX Liu, A Gupta, P Abbeel, S Levine
2017   Illumination invariants in deep video expression recognition  O Gupta, D Raviv, R Raskar 
2017   Modeling Multimodal Clues in a Hybrid Deep Learning Framework for Video Classification  YG Jiang, Z Wu, J Tang, Z Li, X Xue, SF Chang
2017   Deep Learning for Quality Assessment in Live Video Streaming  MT Vega, DC Mocanu, J Famaey, S Stavrou, A Liotta
2017   A Deep Learning Based Video Classification System Using Multimodality Correlation Approach  J Lee, Y Koh, J Yang 
2017   Video Representation and Coding Using a Sparse Steered Mixture-of-Experts Network  L Lange, R Verhack, T Sikora
2017   Semantic Video Segmentation by Gated Recurrent Flow Propagation  D Nilsson, C Sminchisescu
2017   Video Object Detection for Tractability with Deep Learning Method  B Tian, L Li, Y Qu, L Yan
2017   The Game Imitation: Deep Supervised Convolutional Networks for Quick Video Game AI  Z Chen, D Yi
2017   Video2Vec: Learning Semantic Spatio-Temporal Embedding for Video Representations  SH Hu
2017   Learning Spatio-Temporal Aggregation for Fetal Heart Analysis in Ultrasound Video  A Patra, W Huang, JA Noble
2017   A Comprehensive Study of Group Activity Recognition Methods in Video  SA Vahora, NC Chauhan
2017   Semantic video search by automatic video annotation using TensorFlow  K Ashangani, KU Wickramasinghe, DWN De Silva
2017   Fully Context-Aware Video Prediction  W Byeon, Q Wang, RK Srivastava, P Koumoutsakos 
2017   Bringing Background into the Foreground: Making All Classes Equal in Weakly-supervised Video Semantic Segmentation  FS Saleh, MS Aliakbarian, M Salzmann, L Petersson
2017   AENet: Learning Deep Audio Features for Video Analysis  N Takahashi, M Gygli, L Van Gool
2017   Hierarchical Model for Long-term Video Prediction  P Wang, Z Yan, J Zhang
2017   Temporal Coherency based Criteria for Predicting Video Frames using Deep Multi-stage Generative Adversarial Networks  P Bhattacharjee, S Das 
2017   Lip2AudSpec: Speech reconstruction from silent lip movements video  H Akbari, H Arora, L Cao, N Mesgarani 
2017   Object Detection from Video Sequences Using Deep Learning: An Overview  D Garg, K Kotecha 
2017   Quantitative analysis of patients with celiac disease by video capsule endoscopy: A deep learning method  T Zhou, G Han, BN Li, Z Lin, EJ Ciaccio, PH Green
2017   Feature Extraction of Video Using Artificial Neural Network  Y Hayakawa, T Oonuma, H Kobayashi, A Takahashi
2017   Spatial-Temporal Residue Network Based In-Loop Filter for Video Coding  C Jia, S Wang, X Zhang, S Wang, S Ma
2017   TricorNet: A Hybrid Temporal Convolutional and Recurrent Network for Video Action Segmentation  L Ding, C Xu
2017   Learning hierarchical video representation for action recognition  Q Li, Z Qiu, T Yao, T Mei, Y Rui, J Luo
2017   One-Step Time-Dependent Future Video Frame Prediction with a Convolutional Encoder-Decoder Neural Network  V Vukotić, SL Pintea, C Raymond, G Gravier
2017   Dual Motion GAN for Future-Flow Embedded Video Prediction  X Liang, L Lee, W Dai, EP Xing
2017   Adult Image and Video Recognition by a Deep Multicontext Network and Fine-to-Coarse Strategy  X Ou, H Ling, H Yu, P Li, F Zou, S Liu
2017   Video Frame Synthesis using Deep Voxel Flow  Z Liu, R Yeh, X Tang, Y Liu, A Agarwala
2017   A Novel Deep Multi-channel Residual Networks-based Metric Learning Method for Moving Human Localization in Video Surveillance  W Huang, H Ding, G Chen
2017   MoCoGAN: Decomposing Motion and Content for Video Generation  S Tulyakov, MY Liu, X Yang, J Kautz
2017   Compressed-Domain Video Classification With Deep Neural Networks:“There'S Way Too Much Information To Decode The Matrix”  A Chadha, A Abbas, Y Andreopoulos
2017   Exploring the frontier of smart video surveillance: novel domains and fine-grain event understanding  T Zhang
2017   Semantic Multisensory Embeddings For Video Search By Text  A Habibian, TEJ Mensink, CGM Snoek
2017   Application of Neural Networks for Intelligent Video Game Character Artificial Intelligences  SD Mikulcik
2017   CBinfer: Change-Based Inference for Convolutional Neural Networks on Video Data  L Cavigelli, P Degen, L Benini
2017   Pooling the Convolutional Layers in Deep ConvNets for Video Action Recognition  S Zhao, Y Liu, Y Han, R Hong, Q Hu, Q Tian
2017   Unsupervised learning of depth and ego-motion from video  T Zhou, M Brown, N Snavely, DG Lowe
2017   AJILE Movement Prediction: Multimodal Deep Learning for Natural Human Neural Recordings and Video  XRN Wang, A Farhadi, R Rao, B Brunton
2017   Editorial for Special Section of Video Analytics with Deep Learning  T Mei, J Corso, J Luo
2017   A Video Coloring Method Based on CNN and Feature Point Tracking  G Guan, F Zhang, G Ding, M Niu, L Xu 
2017   Learning laparoscopic video shot classification for gynecological surgery  S Petscharnig, K Schöffmann
2017   Deep Learning for High Efficiency Video Coding Coding Unit Split Decision Equipped with Laplacian Transparent Composite Model  H Amer, A Rashwan, EH Yang 
2017   Learning Deep Spatio-Temporal Dependency for Semantic Video Segmentation  Z Qiu, T Yao, T Mei 
2017   Deep learning for multimodal-based video interestingness prediction  Y Shen, CH Demarty, NQK Duong
2017   Abnormal event detection for video surveillance using deep one-class learning  J Sun, J Shao, C He
2017   Hybrid Activity and Plan Recognition for Video Streams  R Granada, RF Pereira, J Monteiro, R Barros, D Ruiz
2017   Video Super-Resolution via Bidirectional Recurrent Convolutional Networks.  Y Huang, W Wang, L Wang
2017   Exemplar-Based Image and Video Stylization Using Fully Convolutional Semantic Features  F Zhu, Z Yan, J Bu, Y Yu
2017   Multi Resolution LSTM For Long Term Prediction In Neural Activity Video  Y Song, J Viventi, Y Wang
2017   End-to-End Learning of Video Super-Resolution with Motion Compensation  O Makansi, E Ilg, T Brox
2017   Master thesis: Automatic identification of football players based on game video sequences for the production of metadata  T Michel
2017   Video Imagination from a Single Image with Transformation Generation  B Chen, W Wang, J Wang, X Chen, W Li
2017   Generative Adversarial Networks for Multimodal Representation Learning in Video Hyperlinking  V Vukotic, C Raymond, G Gravier
2016   Structural image and video understanding  Z Lou
2016   Improving EEG feature learning via synchronized facial video  X Li, X Jia, G Xun, A Zhang
2016   Multi-modal learning for video recommendation based on mobile application usage  X Jia, A Wang, X Li, G Xun, W Xu, A Zhang
2016   No-reference Video Quality Measurement: The Added Value of Machine Learning  M Narwaria
2016   Recurrent Fully Convolutional Networks for Video Segmentation  S Valipour, M Siam, M Jagersand, N Ray
2016   High Performance Video Processing in Cloud Data Centres  MU Yaseen, MS Zafar, A Anjum, R Hill
2016   Learning-based leaf occlusion detection in surveillance video  J Liu, L Chen, J Tian, D Zhu
2016   Deep Learning for Saliency Prediction in Natural Video  S Chaabouni, J Benois
2016   Content-Based Video Retrieval in Historical Collections of the German Broadcasting Archive  A Hörth, R Ewerth, B Freisleben
2016   Vertical axis detection for sport video analytics  R Zeng, R Lakemond, S Denman, S Sridharan
2016   Unsupervised Learning from Continuous Video in a Scalable Predictive Recurrent Network  F Piekniewski, P Laurent, C Petre, M Richert, D Fisher
2016   Methods and systems for game video recording and virtual reality replay  J Long, MC Liu
2016   VERGE: A Multimodal Interactive Search Engine for Video Browsing and Retrieval  A Moumtzidou, T Mironidis, E Apostolidis
2016   Deep learning based fence segmentation and removal from an image using a video sequence  S Jonna, KK Nakka, RR Sahay
2016   Sparse Representation and Deep Learning for Image and Video Reconstruction  M Iliadis
2016   Prototypes: exemplar based video representation  Ö Yalçınkaya
2016   How Deep Neural Networks Can Improve Emotion Recognition on Video Data  P Khorrami, TL Paine, K Brady, C Dagli, TS Huang
2016   CSVideoNet: A Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network for Compressive Sensing Video Reconstruction  K Xu, F Ren
2016   SoundNet: Learning Sound Representations from Unlabeled Video  Y Aytar, C Vondrick, A Torralba
2016   Object detection from video tubelets with convolutional neural networks  K Kang, W Ouyang, H Li, X Wang
2016   Making a video smart for smart e-learning  S Huh, Y Park, J Jang, W Choi
2016   No-reference video quality measurement: added value of machine learning  DC Mocanu, J Pokhrel, JP Garella, J Seppänen
2016   Complex event processing for content-based text, image, and video retrieval  EK Bowman, BD Broome, VM Holland
2016   … . We propose a watermark embedding in a video to represent a human identity as a 2-D wavelet transform. The feature extraction consists of a Deep Belief Network... …  KH Ali, T Wang
2016   ViCom: Benchmark and Methods for Video Comprehension  D Tran, M Paluri, L Torresani
2016   Robust Video Synchronization using Unsupervised Deep Learning  I Freeman, P Wieschollek, H Lensch
2016   Hierarchical Context Modeling for Video Event Recognition  X Wang, Q Ji
2016   Deep3D: Fully Automatic 2D-to-3D Video Conversion with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  J Xie, R Girshick, A Farhadi
2016   On Frame Selection for Video Face Recognition  TI Dhamecha, G Goswami, R Singh, M Vatsa
2016   Vehicle type classification via adaptive feature clustering for traffic surveillance video  S Wang, F Liu, Z Gan, Z Cui
2016   Walk and Learn: Facial Attribute Representation Learning from Egocentric Video and Contextual Data  J Wang, Y Cheng, RS Feris
2016   On-Demand Video Processing In Wireless Networks An Application: Action Recognition  N Felemban
2016   Dynamically Targeted Ad Augmentation In Video  A Zaheer, A Rehan, M Taj, A Rehman, F Hassan
2016   Video annotation using deep network architectures  S Shetty, A Karpathy, GD Toderici
2016   Multi-modal tag localization for mobile video search  R Zhang, S Tang, W Liu, Y Zhang, J Li
2016   Demv-Matchmaker: Emotional Temporal Course Representation And Deep Similarity Matching For Automatic Music Video …  JC Lin, WL Wei, HM Wang
2016   Cascaded Interactional Targeting Network for Egocentric Video Analysis  Y Zhou, B Ni, R Hong, X Yang, Q Tian
2016   Real-Time Single Image and Video Super-Resolution Using an Efficient Sub-Pixel Convolutional Neural Network  W Shi, J Caballero, F Huszar, J Totz, AP Aitken
2016   Early Detection of Combustion Instabilities using Deep Convolutional Selective Autoencoders on Hi-speed Flame Video  A Akintayo, KG Lore, S Sarkar, S Sarkar
2016   Deep Fully-Connected Networks for Video Compressive Sensing  M Iliadis, L Spinoulas, AK Katsaggelos
2016   Single Sample Face Recognition from Video via Stacked Supervised Auto-encoder  PJS Vega, RQ Feitosa, VHA Quirita, PN Happ
2016   End-to-end Learning of Driving Models from Large-scale Video Datasets  H Xu, Y Gao, F Yu, T Darrell
2016   Video pornography detection through deep learning techniques and motion information  M Perez, S Avila, D Moreira, D Moraes, V Testoni
2016   Spatio-Temporal Wardrobe Generation of Actors' Clothing in Video Content  F Vandecasteele, J Vervaeke, B Vandersmissen
2016   A Deep Neural Network Video Framework for Monitoring Elderly Persons  M Farrajota, JMF Rodrigues, JMH du Buf
2016   Video Hashing Based on Appearance and Attention Features Fusion via DBN  J Sun, X Liu, W Wan, J Li, D Zhao, H Zhang
2016   Video Super-Resolution via Convolution Neural Network  TH Wei, JC Chen
2016   Convolutional Gated Recurrent Networks for Video Segmentation  M Siam, S Valipour, M Jagersand, N Ray
2016   Learning sound representations from unlabeled video  Y Aytar, C Vondrick, A Torralba
2016   Face recognition from video using generalized mean deep learning neural network  P Sharma, RN Yadav, KV Arya
2016   Improving Electroencephalography-Based Imagined Speech Recognition with a Simultaneous Video Data Stream  SJ Stolze
2016   Semantic annotation for complex video street views based on 2D-3D multi-feature fusion and aggregated boosting decision forests  X Wang, G Yan, H Wang, J Fu, J Hua, J Wang, Y Yang
2016   Low complexity encoder for feedback-channel-free distributed video coding using deep convolutional neural networks at the decoder  PR Bhagath, J Mukherjee, S Mukopadhayay
2016   Hierarchically Supervised Deconvolutional Network for Semantic Video Segmentation  Y Wang, J Liu, Y Li, J Fu, M Xu, H Lu
2016   Animal Behavior Video Classification by Spatial LSTM  HQ Nguyen, SP Kasthuri Arachchi, MWP Maduranga
2016   Deep Multi-task Learning with Label Correlation Constraint for Video Concept Detection  F Markatopoulou, V Mezaris, I Patras
2016   Can Ground Truth Label Propagation from Video help Semantic Segmentation?  S Karthik Mustikovela, MY Yang, C Rother
2016   Video anomaly detection using deep incremental slow feature analysis network  X Hu, S Hu, Y Huang, H Zhang, H Wu
2016   Input Aggregated Network for Face Video Representation  Z Dong, S Jia, C Zhang, M Pei
2016   Learning Image Matching by Simply Watching Video  G Long, L Kneip, JM Alvarez, H Li
2016   Deep video gesture recognition using illumination invariants  O Gupta, D Raviv, R Raskar
2016   Clockwork Convnets for Video Semantic Segmentation  E Shelhamer, K Rakelly, J Hoffman, T Darrell
2016   Re-identification and semantic retrieval of pedestrians in video surveillance scenarios  F Pala
2016   Machine listening techniques as a complement to video image analysis in forensics  R Serizel, V Bisot, S Essid, G Richard
2016   Transfer learning with deep networks for saliency prediction in natural video  S Chaabouni, J Benois
2016   Video system for human attribute analysis using compact convolutional neural network  Y Yang, F Chen, X Chen, Y Dai, Z Chen, J Ji, T Zhao
2016   Video Super-Resolution with Convolutional Neural Networks  A Kappeler, S Yoo, Q Dai, AK Katsaggelos
2016   Convolutional Two-Stream Network Fusion for Video Action Recognition  C Feichtenhofer, A Pinz, A Zisserman
2016   Video Thumbnail Selection Based On Deep Learning  W Yang, M Tsai, T Izo
2016   Play and Learn: Using Video Games to Train Computer Vision Models  A Shafaei, JJ Little, M Schmidt
2016   Enhancing computer vision to detect face spoofing attack utilizing a single frame from a replay video attack using deep learning  A Alotaibi, A Mahmood
2016   Semantic Feature Mining for Video Event Understanding  X Yang, T Zhang, C Xu
2016   Ordering of Visual Descriptors in a Classifier Cascade Towards Improved Video Concept Detection  F Markatopoulou, V Mezaris, I Patras
2016   STFCN: Spatio-Temporal FCN for Semantic Video Segmentation  M Fayyaz, MH Saffar, M Sabokrou, M Fathy, R Klette
2016   Generating video description with Long-Short Term Memory  S Li, J Zhang, Q Guo, J Lei, D Tu
2016   Detecting facial landmarks in the video based on a hybrid framework  N Cai, Z Lin, F Zhang, G Cen, H Wang
2016   Deep Learning for Video Classification and Captioning  Z Wu, T Yao, Y Fu, YG Jiang
2016   Video Anomaly Detection Based on Adaptive Multiple Auto-Encoders  T Bao, C Ding, S Karmoshi, M Zhu
2016   Latent Factor Representations for Cold-Start Video Recommendation  S Roy, SC Guntuku
2016   Recognize the facial emotion in video sequences using eye and mouth temporal Gabor features  PI Rani, K Muneeswaran
2016   Dense 3D face alignment from 2D video for real-time use  LA Jeni, JF Cohn, T Kanade
2016   Deep Predictive Coding Networks for Video Prediction and Unsupervised Learning  W Lotter, G Kreiman, D Cox
2016   Deep network for analyzing gait patterns in low resolution video towards threat identification.  BM Nair, KD Kendricks
2016   Weakly-supervised Video Scene Co-parsing  G Zhong12, YH Tsai, MH Yang
2016   Deep Feature Flow for Video Recognition  X Zhu, Y Xiong, J Dai, L Yuan, Y Wei
2016   Video Captioning with Transferred Semantic Attributes  Y Pan, T Yao, H Li, T Mei
2016   Multiframe Motion Coupling via Infimal Convolution Regularization for Video Super Resolution  H Dirks, J Geiping, D Cremers, M Moeller
2016   Improvements to Tracking Pedestrians in Video Streams Using a Pre-trained Convolutional Neural Network  M Ramin
2016   Multimodal and Crossmodal Representation Learning from Textual and Visual Features with Bidirectional Deep Neural Networks for Video Hyperlinking  V Vukotic, C Raymond, G Gravier
2016   VLSI Implementation of an Adaptive Block Partition Decision Object-Detection Design for Real-Time 4K2K Video Display  SL Chen, MC Tuan
2016   Beyond Frame-level CNN: Saliency-aware 3D CNN with LSTM for Video Action Recognition  J Song, H Shen
2016   Prognostics of Combustion Instabilities from Hi-speed Flame Video using A Deep Convolutional Selective Autoencoder  A Akintayo, KG Lore, S Sarkar, S Sarkar
2015   Co-Regularized Deep Representations for Video Summarization  O Morère, H Goh, A Veillard, V Chandrasekhar, J Lin
2015   Building Digital Video Games at School: A Design-Based Study  D Lambert, M Jacobsen
2015   Evaluating Two-Stream CNN for Video Classification  H Ye, Z Wu, RW Zhao, X Wang, YG Jiang, X Xue
2015   Unsupervised Extraction of Video Highlights Via Robust Recurrent Auto-encoders  H Yang, B Wang, S Lin, D Wipf, M Guo, B Guo
2015   Exploiting Feature and Class Relationships in Video Categorization with Regularized Deep Neural Networks  YG Jiang, Z Wu, J Wang, X Xue, SF Chang
2015   Learning Structured Ordinal Measures for Video based Face Recognition  R He, T Tan, L Davis, Z Sun
2015   EventNet: A Large Scale Structured Concept Library for Complex Event Detection in Video  G Ye, Y Li, H Xu, D Liu, SF Chang
2015   Beyond Temporal Pooling: Recurrence and Temporal Convolutions for Gesture Recognition in Video  L Pigou, A Oord, S Dieleman, M Van Herreweghe
2015   Jointly Modeling Embedding and Translation to Bridge Video and Language  Y Pan, T Mei, T Yao, H Li, Y Rui
2015   The Use of Pre-Existing Video in the Clinical Environment  S Montgomery, MC Handley
2015   Deep Learning Algorithms with Applications to Video Analytics for A Smart City: A Survey  L Wang, D Sng
2015   Latent Max-margin Metric Learning for Comparing Video Face Tubes  G Sharma, P Pérez
2015   Effect of Video Modeling Process on Teaching/Learning Hurdle Clearance Situations on Physical Education Students  S Amara, B Mkaouer, SH Nassib, H Chaaben
2015   Video super-resolution reconstruction based on correlation learning and spatio-temporal nonlocal similarity  M Liang, J Du, L Li
2015   Anticipating the future by watching unlabeled video  C Vondrick, H Pirsiavash, A Torralba
2015   Emotional Affect Estimation Using Video and EEG Data in Deep Neural Networks  A Frydenlund, F Rudzicz
2015   Video summarization based on Subclass Support Vector Data Description  V Mygdalis, A Iosifidis, A Tefas, I Pitas
2015   Intelligence Science and Big Data Engineering. Image and Video Data Engineering: 5th International Conference, IScIDE 2015, Suzhou, China, June 14-16, 2015, …  X He, X Gao, Y Zhang, ZH Zhou, ZY Liu, B Fu, F Hu
2015   Serious games: video games for good?  K Sanford, LJ Starr, L Merkel, SB Kurki
2015   Designing Video for Massive Open Online-Education: Conceptual Challenges from a Learner-Centered Perspective  C Zahn, K Krauskopf, J Kiener, FW Hesse
2015   Recurrent Neural Networks for Emotion Recognition in Video  S Ebrahimi Kahou, V Michalski, K Konda, R Memisevic
2015   A Deep Feature based Multi-kernel Learning Approach for Video Emotion Recognition  W Li, F Abtahi, Z Zhu
2015   Action-Conditional Video Prediction using Deep Networks in Atari Games  J Oh, X Guo, H Lee, R Lewis, S Singh
2015   Multi Task Sequence Learning for Depression Scale Prediction from Video  L Chao, J Tao, M Yang, Y Li
2015   Cascade Of Classifiers Based On Binary, Non-Binary And Deep Convolutional Network Descriptors For Video Concept Detection  F Markatopoulou, V Mezaris, I Patras
2015   EmoNets: Multimodal deep learning approaches for emotion recognition in video  SE Kahou, X Bouthillier, P Lamblin, C Gulcehre
2015   Video Event Recognition with Deep Hierarchical Context Model  X Wang, Q Ji
2015   Students'Use Of Digital Video In Contemporary Science Teacher Education  M Kearney, K Pressick
2015   Semantic Video Segmentation: Exploring Inference Efficiency  S Tripathi, S Belongie, Y Hwang, T Nguyen
2015   Book2Movie: Aligning Video scenes with Book chapters Supplementary material  M Tapaswi, M Bäuml, R Stiefelhagen
2015   Beyond Short Snippets: Deep Networks for Video Classification  JYH Ng, M Hausknecht, S Vijayanarasimhan, O Vinyals
2015   Deeply Self-Taught Multi-View Video Analytics Machine for Situation Awareness  M Shao, Y Fu
2015   Slow and Steady Feature Analysis: Higher Order Temporal Coherence in Video  D Jayaraman, K Grauman
2015   Video captioning with recurrent networks based on frame-and video-level features and visual content classification  R Shetty, J Laaksonen
2015   Fusing Multi-Stream Deep Networks for Video Classification  Z Wu, YG Jiang, X Wang, H Ye, X Xue, J Wang
2015   Transferred Human Parsing with Video Context  S Liu, X Liang, L Liu, L Lin, K Lu, X Cao, S Yan
2015   Human fall detection in surveillance video based on PCANet  S Wang, L Chen, Z Zhou, X Sun, J Dong
2015   CNN-based shot boundary detection and video annotation  W Tong, L Song, X Yang, H Qu, R Xie
2015   Deep learning human actions from video via sparse filtering and locally competitive algorithms  WE Hahn, S Lewkowitz, DC Lacombe Jr, E Barenholtz
2015   Types, Locations, and Scales from ClutteredNatural Video and Actions  X Song, W Zhang, J Weng
2015   Massive-scale learning of image and video semantic concepts  JR Smith, L Cao, NCF Codella, ML Hill, M Merler
2015   Multiple Scaled Person Re-Identification Framework for HD Video Surveillance Application  H Yang, X Wang, W Ma, H Su, J Zhu
2015   Classical Planning with Simulators: Results on the Atari Video Games  N Lipovetzky, M Ramirez, H Geffner
2015   Video structured description technology based intelligence analysis of surveillance videos for public security applications  Z Xu, C Hu, L Mei
2015   Human-level Moving Object Recognition from Traffic Video  F Zhu, Q Liu, S Zhong, Y Yang
2015   Video Surveillance Autopilot  LN Smith, D Bonanno, T Doster, DW Aha
2015   Delving Deeper into Convolutional Networks for Learning Video Representations  N Ballas, L Yao, C Pal, A Courville
2015   Pedagogy Experiments with Recorded Video Lectures  S Anand, S Chatterjee, K Bijlani
2015   Efficient Large Scale Video Classification  B Varadarajan, G Toderici, S Vijayanarasimhan
2015   A Multi-scale Multiple Instance Video Description Network  H Xu, S Venugopalan, V Ramanishka, M Rohrbach
2015   Multimodal Video Classification with Stacked Contractive Autoencoders  Y Liu, X Feng, Z Zhou
2015   Using Descriptive Video Services to Create a Large Data Source for Video Annotation Research  A Torabi, C Pal, H Larochelle, A Courville
2015   Video Description Generation Incorporating Spatio-Temporal Features and a Soft-Attention Mechanism  L Yao, A Torabi, K Cho, N Ballas, C Pal, H Larochelle
2015   Large Video Event Ontology Browsing, Search and Tagging (EventNet Demo)  H Xu, G Ye, Y Li, D Liu, SF Chang
2015   A Deep Awareness Framework for Pervasive Video Cloud  W Zhang, P Duan, Z Li, Q Lu, W Gong, S Yang
2015   Deep multi-scale video prediction beyond mean square error  M Mathieu, C Couprie, Y LeCun
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