Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: voice

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Speaker-adaptive-trainable Boltzmann machine and its application to non-parallel voice conversion  T Nakashika, Y Minami
2017   Deep Voice 2: Multi-Speaker Neural Text-to-Speech  S Arik, G Diamos, A Gibiansky, J Miller, K Peng, W Ping
2017   Characterisation of voice quality of Parkinson" s disease using differential phonological posterior features  M Cernak, JR Orozco
2017   Singing voice separation with deep U-Net convolutional networks  A Jansson, EJ Humphrey, N Montecchio, R Bittner 
2017   Voice Pathology Detection Using Deep Learning: a Preliminary Study  P Harar, JB Alonso
2017   A deep architecture for audio-visual voice activity detection in the presence of transients  I Ariav, D Dov, I Cohen
2017   Voice Activity Detection Using Discriminative Restricted Boltzmann Machines  RG Borin, MTM Silva
2017   Noise robust voice activity detection using joint phase and magnitude based feature enhancement  K Phapatanaburi, L Wang, Z Oo, W Li, S Nakagawa
2017   SVSGAN: Singing Voice Separation via Generative Adversarial Network  ZC Fan, YL Lai, JSR Jang 
2016   Voice recognition based on adaptive MFCC and deep learning  HS Bae, HJ Lee, SG Lee
2016   Phase-Processing For Voice Activity Detection: A Statistical Approach  J Stahl, P Mowlaee, J Kulmer
2016   3WRBM-Based Speech Factor Modeling for Arbitrary-Source and Non-Parallel Voice Conversion  T Nakashika, Y Minami
2016   An Improved Voice Activity Detection Based on Deep Belief Networks  TK Shabeeba, A Pavithran
2016   Text-Independent Voice Conversion Using Deep Neural Network Based Phonetic Level Features  H Zheng, W Cai, T Zhou, S Zhang, M Li
2016   Non-Parallel Training in Voice Conversion Using an Adaptive Restricted Boltzmann Machine  T Nakashika, Y Minami, T Takiguchi
2015   Voice Conversion Using Deep Bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory Based Recurrent Neural Networks  L Sun, S Kang, K Li, H Meng
2015   A Probabilistic Interpretation for Artificial Neural Network-based Voice Conversion  HT Hwang, Y Tsao, HM Wang, YR Wang, SH Chen
2015   An Adaptive Voice Activity Detection Algorithm  Z Zhigang, H Junqin
2015   The Role Of Student Voice And Choice In Learner-Centered Competency Reform  D Donnini
2015   Robust Voice Activity Detection with Deep Maxout Neural Networks  VS Mendelev, TN Prisyach, AA Prudnikov
2015   Neural Networks Based Methods for Voice Activity Detection in a Multi-room Domestic Environment  G Ferroni, R Bonfigli, E Principi, S Squartini, F Piazza
2015   Voice Activity Detection (VAD) for a Coded Speech Bitstream without Decoding  DA Barreda, JEG Lainez, D Sharma, P Naylor
2015   Sparse nonlinear representation for voice conversion  T Nakashika, T Takiguchi, Y Ariki
2015   Ensemble of Deep Neural Networks Using Acoustic Environment Classification for Statistical Model-Based Voice ActivityDetection  I Hwang, HM Park, JH Chang
2015   High quality voice conversion using prosodic and high-resolution spectral features  HQ Nguyen, SW Lee, X Tian, M Dong, ES Chng
2015   A Deep Neural Network Approach for Voice Activity Detection in Multi-Room Domestic Scenarios  G Ferroni, R Bonfigli, E Principi, S Squartini, F Piazza
2014   Voice Conversion Using Deep Neural Networks with Layer-Wise Generative Training  LH Chen, ZH Ling, LJ Liu, LR Dai
2014   Cross-Dialectal Voice Conversion with Neural Networks  GAO Weixun, CAO Qiying, Q Yao
2014   The New National Core Music Standards in Practice Your Classroom, Your Voice  SJ Bartolome
2014   Voice Conversion Using RNN Pre-Trained by Recurrent Temporal Restricted Boltzmann Machines  T Nakashika, T Takiguchi, Y Ariki
2014   Prosodic, spectral and voice quality feature selection using a long-term stopping criterion for audio-based emotion recognition  M Kächele, D Zharkov, S Meudt, F Schwenker