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Year TitleAuthor
2017   Ocean Oil Spill Classification with RADARSAT-2 SAR Based on an Optimized Wavelet Neural Network  D Song, Y Ding, X Li, B Zhang, M Xu
2017   Research and application of a hybrid wavelet neural network model with the improved cuckoo search algorithm for electrical power system forecasting  L Xiao, W Shao, M Yu, J Ma, C Jin
2017   An Automatic Gastrointestinal Polyp Detection System in Video Endoscopy Using Fusion of Color Wavelet and Convolutional Neural Network Features  M Billah, S Waheed, MM Rahman
2017   Performance Evaluation of Modified Color Image Steganography Using Discrete Wavelet Transform  V Kumar, D Kumar 
2017   Deep wavelet prediction for image super-resolution  T Guo, HS Mousavi, TH Vu, V Monga
2017   3D multi-resolution wavelet convolutional neural networks for hyperspectral image classification  C Shi, CM Pun
2017   Sparse Wavelet Auto-Encoders for Image Classification  S Hassairi, R Ejbali, M Zaied
2017   Fusion Algorithm of Multi-focus Images with Weighted Ratios and Weighted Gradient Based on Wavelet Transform  W Chen, M Hu, L Zhou, H Gu, X Zhang
2017   Intelligent Fault Diagnosis of Rolling Bearing Using Deep Wavelet Auto-encoder with Extreme Learning Machine  S Haidong, J Hongkai, L Xingqiu, W Shuaipeng 
2017   Solid Harmonic Wavelet Scattering: Predicting Quantum Molecular Energy from Invariant Descriptors of 3D Electronic Densities  M Eickenberg, G Exarchakis, M Hirn, S Mallat 
2017   Wavelet Domain Residual Network (WavResNet) for Low-Dose X-ray CT Reconstruction  E Kang, JC Ye
2017   Multi-Scale Wavelet Domain Residual Learning for Limited-Angle CT Reconstruction  J Gu, JC Ye
2017   Medical Image Analysis using Wavelet Transform and Deep Belief Networks  A Khatami, A Khosravi, T Nguyen, CP Lim
2017   Wind speed forecasting method based on deep learning strategy using empirical wavelet transform, long short term memory neural network and Elman neural network  H Liu, X Mi, Y Li 
2017   A deep stacked wavelet auto-encoders to supervised feature extraction to pattern classification  S Hassairi, R Ejbali, M Zaied
2017   A dyadic multi-resolution deep convolutional neural wavelet network for image classification  R Ejbali, M Zaied
2017   Rolling bearing fault diagnosis using adaptive deep belief network with dual-tree complex wavelet packet  H Shao, H Jiang, F Wang, Y Wang
2017   Deep-learning-based Earth Fault Detection using Continuous Wavelet Transform and Convolutional Neural Network in Resonant Grounding Distribution Systems  MF Guo, XD Zeng, DY Chen, NC Yang 
2017   Efficient Convolutional Network Learning using Parametric Log based Dual-Tree Wavelet ScatterNet  A Singh, N Kingsbury
2016   … . We propose a watermark embedding in a video to represent a human identity as a 2-D wavelet transform. The feature extraction consists of a Deep Belief Network... …  KH Ali, T Wang
2016   Speech Emotion Recognition Based on Deep Belief Networks and Wavelet Packet Cepstral Coefficients.  Y Huang, A Wu, G Zhang, Y Li
2016   Aerial Scene Understanding Using Deep Wavelet Scattering Network and Conditional Random Field  S Nadella, A Singh, SN Omkar
2016   Learning Deep Wavelet Networks for Recognition System of Arabic Words  A Bouallégue, S Hassairi, R Ejbali, M Zaied
2016   Classification of Pulmonary Nodules on Computed Tomography Scans. Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Application of Textural Features Extracted Using Wavelet …  M Sergeeva, I Ryabchikov, M Glaznev, N Gusarova
2016   Deep Wavelet Scattering for Quantum Energy Regression  M Hirn
2016   A Wavelet Deep Belief Network-Based Classifier for Medical Images  A Khatami, A Khosravi, CP Lim, S Nahavandi
2016   A hybrid wavelet convolution network with sparse-coding for image super-resolution  X Gao, H Xiong
2016   Age Recognition Based on GMM and DBN with Using Wavelet Packet Mel-Frequency Cepstrum Coefficient  XN Du, YU Yi
2015   Fault diagnosis method study in roller bearing based on wavelet transform and stacked auto-encoder  T Junbo, L Weining, A Juneng, W Xueqian
2015   Resolutıon Enhancement Based Image Compression Technique using Singular Value Decomposition and Wavelet Transforms  G Anbarjafari, P Rasti, M Daneshmand, C Ozcinar
2014   Unsupervised Feature Pre-training of the Scattering Wavelet Transform for Musical Genre Recognition  M Kleć, D Koržinek