Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: weather

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Mixed‐Integer Linear Programming on Work‐Rest Schedule Design for Construction Sites in Hot Weather  W Yi, S Wang
2017   Study on deep-learning-based identification of hydrometeors observed by dual polarization Doppler weather radars  H Wang, Y Ran, Y Deng, X Wang 
2017   Neural Network training model for weather forecasting using Fireworks Algorithm  S Suksri, W Kimpan
2016   Optimization of decentralized renewable energy system by weather forecasting and deep machine learning techniques  T Sogabe, H Ichikawa, K Sakamoto, K Yamaguchi
2016   Application of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Detecting Extreme Weather in Climate Datasets  Y Liu, E Racah, J Correa, A Khosrowshahi, D Lavers
2015   A Deep Hybrid Model for Weather Forecasting  A Grover, A Kapoor, E Horvitz
2015   Accurate localized short term weather prediction for renewables planning  D Corne, M Dissanayake, A Peacock, S Galloway
2015   Primary Geography in Australia: Pre-Service Primary Teachers' Understandings of Weather and Climate  R LANE