Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: wind

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Circuit Fault Diagnosis Method of Wind Power Converter with Wavelet-DBN  Y Liu, Y Chai, S Wei, Z Luo
2017   Characterizing Time Series Data Diversity for Wind Forecasting  C Feng, EK Chartan, BM Hodge, J Zhang 
2017   Short-term Wind Energy Prediction Algorithm Based on SAGA-DBNs  W Fei, WU Zhong
2017   Big multi-step wind speed forecasting model based on secondary decomposition, ensemble method and error correction algorithm  H Liu, Z Duan, F Han, Y Li 
2017   Wind speed forecasting method based on deep learning strategy using empirical wavelet transform, long short term memory neural network and Elman neural network  H Liu, X Mi, Y Li 
2017   Wind Power Prediction using Deep Neural Network based Meta Regression and Transfer Learning  AS Qureshi, A Khan, A Zameer, A Usman
2017   Wind Turbine Failure Risk Assessment Model Based on DBN  C Fei, F Zhongguang
2017   The optimization of wind power interval forecast  X Yu, H Zang
2017   Autoencoder for wind power prediction  S Tasnim, A Rahman, AMT Oo, ME Haque 
2017   Prediction of Wind Speed Fluctuation Using Deep Belief Network with Ensemble Learning Method  S Yoshida, H Suzuki, T Kitajima, T Yasuno
2016   Deep Learning for Wind Speed Forecasting in Northeastern Region of Brazil  AT Sergio, TB Ludermir
2016   A very short term wind power prediction approach based on Multilayer Restricted Boltzmann Machine  X Peng, L Xiong, J Wen, Y Xu, W Fan, S Feng, B Wang
2016   Short-term prediction of wind power based on deep Long Short-Term Memory  Q Xiaoyun, K Xiaoning, Z Chao, J Shuai, M Xiuda
2016   Deep belief network based deterministic and probabilistic wind speed forecasting approach  HZ Wang, GB Wang, GQ Li, JC Peng, YT Liu
2016   A hybrid wind power prediction method  Y Tao, H Chen
2016   Deep learning based ensemble approach for probabilistic wind power forecasting  H Wang, G Li, G Wang, J Peng, H Jiang, Y Liu
2016   A hybrid wind power forecasting model based on data mining and wavelets analysis  R Azimi, M Ghofrani, M Ghayekhloo
2016   ELM Based Representational Learning for Fault Diagnosis of Wind Turbine Equipment  Z Yang, X Wang, PK Wong, J Zhong
2015   Deep Neural Networks for Wind Energy Prediction  D Díaz, A Torres, JR Dorronsoro
2015   Predictive Deep Boltzmann Machine for Multiperiod Wind Speed Forecasting  CY Zhang, CLP Chen, M Gan, L Chen
2015   Resilient Propagation for Multivariate Wind Power Prediction  J Stubbemann, NA Treiber, O Kramer
2015   Transfer learning for short-term wind speed prediction with deep neural networks  Q Hu, R Zhang, Y Zhou
2014   Wind Power Prediction and Pattern Feature Based on Deep Learning Method  Y Tao, H Chen, C Qiu