Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: word embeddings

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Morphological Preprocessing for Word Embeddings in Text Classification Tasks  V TUSHKANOV
2017   Retrofitting Knowledge to Word Embeddings  D Rajagopal, H Hayashi
2017   Deep learning with word embeddings improves biomedical named entity recognition  M Habibi, L Weber, M Neves, DL Wiegandt, U Leser
2017   Deep Learning Paradigm with Transformed Monolingual Word Embeddings for Multilingual Sentiment Analysis  Y Lu, T Mori 
2016   An approach to the use of word embeddings in an opinion classification task  F Enríquez, JA Troyano, T López
2016   Training word embeddings for deep learning in biomedical text mining tasks  Z Jiang, L Li, D Huang, L Jin
2016   Assessing the Corpus Size vs. Similarity Trade-off for Word Embeddings in Clinical NLP  K Roberts
2016   CogALex-V Shared Task: GHHH-Detecting Semantic Relations via Word Embeddings  M Attia, S Maharjan, Y Samih, L Kallmeyer, T Solorio
2016   Constraining Word Embeddings by Prior Knowledge–Application to Medical Information Retrieval  X Liu, JY Nie, A Sordoni
2015   Syntax-Aware Multi-Sense Word Embeddings for Deep Compositional Models of Meaning  J Cheng, D Kartsaklis
2015   Learning semantic word embeddings based on ordinal knowledge constraints  Q Liu, H Jiang, S Wei, ZH Ling, Y Hu
2015   Evaluating word embeddings and a revised corpus for part-of-speech tagging in Portuguese  ER Fonseca, JLG Rosa, SM Aluísio
2015   AutoExtend: Extending Word Embeddings to Embeddings for Synsets and Lexemes  S Rothe, H Schütze
2015   Deep Multilingual Correlation for Improved Word Embeddings  A Lu, W Wang, M Bansal, K Gimpel, K Livescu
2015   Leverage Financial News to Predict Stock Price Movements Using Word Embeddings and Deep Neural Networks  Y Peng, H Jiang
2014   Improving relation descriptor extraction with word embeddings and cluster features  T Liu, M Li